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Your Hero's Journey DumbledoreWe’ve come to the end of another Master Key Experience Session. But it’s also a new beginning. I was reminded today that every story, movie, fable and fairy tale follows an age old pattern. Every story has a hero who faces some great challenge. Every hero has a guide or helper who assists him or her in the process of facing this challenge. Read on to discover why your Hero’s Journey will never end. And also discover why the end is a new beginning.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars had Yoda. Rudy had the Groundskeeper at Notre Dame in Rudy. Harry Potter had Professor Dumbledore. Daniel in The Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi. These mentors guide the hero on what Joseph Campbell described in his monumental body of work on myth and religion as a universal hero’s journey.

This journey takes the hero from the comfortable confines of the known into the scary, challenging unknown where trials and difficulties must be over come. The guide is there to help the hero navigate the treacherous twists and turns to finally emerge victorious into a new beginning.

You Are The Hero In Your Journey

So you are the hero in your life’s journey. In fact your life is a series of heroes journeys. They need not be monumental quests fraught with life threatening challenges, but you are faced with many times and places where you must decide to go or not to go in a particular direction, or choose one thing or course of action over another. These are all hero’s journeys of one kind or another.

Think about the decision points in your life. You may have decided on which group of friends you would hang out with, chose baseball or tennis over basketball or track as the sport you wanted to pursue. You may have decided to go to University instead of technical school. Or maybe you decided you’d just take a job at the local factory. Each of these decisions was the starting point of one of those journeys that led to the way in which your life unfolded. Your hero’s journey is made up of a series, one leading to the other.

Can you think of the guides who helped you along the way? Did you form a burning desire to do something out of the ordinary for which you received little support until you found someone who just seemed to appear about the time you thought you’d never make it through to the next step?

That burning desire seems to be the common denominator in every arresting story of achievement I’ve read. Luke had it. Rudy Ruettiger had it. Daniel had it. And the help they needed appeared because they developed the habit of persistence. Without it there would be no need for a guide because the journey would never have begun.

You Can Also Be The Guide

It’s also true that while you are the hero in your own journey and are guided along the way, you can also be the guide for others. I recall the guides I’ve had. They include the Austrian Mountain Guide who was my Scoutmaster, Professor Holmes who guided me through the process of research and writing a Master’s Thesis, Dr. Terry Dick who did the same as I obtained a Doctorate, and Stewart Morrison who turned me loose to develop wetland and waterfowl management programs at Ducks Unlimited.

Hero's Journey Purple LoosestrifeI also vividly recall encouraging other people and paving the way for their success; essentially serving as their guide as they undertook a hero’s journey. A satellite based wetlands inventory for the Canadian Prairies was the result of one such endeavour. Another was raising awareness of the dangers to wetland productivity and diversity caused by the spread of Purple Loosestrife into wetlands.

But perhaps the best example of this resulted in adoption of native plant materials in Ducks Unlimited habitat management initiatives and the eventual utilization of these in urban storm water retention and sewage treatment systems in major Canadian cities.

In each of these journeys the hero was a young biologist who recognized a problem, was passionate about finding a solution and focused on making a positive impact on wetlands and wildlife habitat in general. They needed a champion; someone who shared their passion and who also had the knowledge and the ability to put their plans into action. I was that person.

Your Hero’s Journey Never Ends

Even in those instances however, I was on another journey of my own. I needed a guide too, and I found it in some wise and understanding members of the Board of Directors and in the CEO, Stewart Morrison. They were there and together we completed some very good things.

What’s your next journey? Why not make it a journey of discovery. Maybe you are looking for a new purpose. Perhaps you feel like you really haven’t yet discovered what you truly want in life. Take the next step in your hero’s journey to discover a new reality.

You can do that by getting on board with the next Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience. You’ll need a guide, maybe more than one. And you’ll find them at MKMMA.


May The Power Be Yours

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen

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