Your Future Not Chance

Your Future – Are You In Control?

Have you given any thought to what you really want more of in your life? Most people focus their thoughts on the things they don’t want. And thereby end up getting more of the same. What about your future? What are you thinking about?

The average person worries about the mortgage and the car payments. When the credit card statement comes in they wish they could pay that down. When you ask them about their goals they say “payoff the credit card balance ” and “get rid of the mortgage”. They are focused on and thinking about exactly what they don’t want; debt.

Their subconscious mind hears only credit card balance and mortgage. Debt and bills in other words. And that mind that never sleeps, that mysterious source that manifests your dreams and makes you act in ways you’ll never understand, goes right to work bringing that forth.

Wait a minute though! Of course you have to pay the bills. If you just forget about them they won’t just go away. Ignoring the problem isn’t gonna solve it. And you are absolutely correct. And that’s also the problem. People focus on the problem rather than a positive solution.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you clearly defined what you want in life and then whipped that up into a burning desire and developed a plan to get what you want? And then thought about that all the time! What if you drummed into your mind the idea that you must have $50,000 or $100,000 or a $Million within 5 years. Imagine an amount that would take care of your needs and wants for the foreseeable future.

Make Positive Plans For Your Future

Wouldn’t that be so much better than giving all your attention to the car payment, the mortgage payment or that blasted credit card bill? Sure would. And it would be a lot more effective at making those things disappear.

But you know, determining your real goals in life is pretty difficult. It must be. Because so few people actually sit down and think about it long enough or often enough to even make a start. Me included.

I think I was lucky in that regard. The path I followed led me to to a successful career in conservation biology. I’ve had a good career and good life with a fine family to enjoy it with. But I didn’t consciously sit down and map out my course. One step lead to another and I made good choices along the way.

I think that was mostly because I was driven by Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) and my primary inner motives of which I was not consciously aware. So in the absence of a consciously delineated plan I was guided to what my being desired and what I was suited for. I was lucky.

I discovered recently that this process of planning ones life and discovering ones true purpose is not an easy thing. Wisdom and guidance are necessary. An entirely new perspective and understanding of how we establish or come to have our beliefs is required.

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May The Power Be Yours

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen

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