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Why Won't People Join The Best Business Opportunity Ever?

Join My Business OpportunityI received a plaintive cry from one of my mlm leads the other day…….

” I can’t get people to join my business!

How can I make mon.ey when I can’t get people to join?”

It’s an all too often heard complaint from aspiring home business owners! Read on to see what the solution to this problem is. There is a solution, I promise.

If you have been around the world of home business opportunity for any length of time, you too have probably thrashed about in bed wondering “WHY, when you have the best home business  opportunity going…..

the business opportunity leads you’ve managed to generate do not join your business.”

You have everything they need:

  • A great product
  • An awesome compensation plan
  • Lots of testimonials about people making big bucks promoting your business opportunity
  • A great, ready made website that anyone can signup on

So what’s the problem then?

The problem is, even though you have the best home business to start for anyone who wants to make monee from home (at least YOU think so), AND you have specifically gone after network marketing leads…

They may NOT be looking for YOUR home business opportunity!

Oh they are probably just like you in that they really want to get out of the rat race and be their own boss.

They know the only way to do that is start their own home business. And they have been told that a network marketing business is the best way to do that for a whole lot of reasons. That’s basically true.

They might even already have joined an mlm business and they are wondering why lead conversion is so damn difficult. That is, why is it so tough to get network marketing leads they have maybe paid a princely sum to acquire, to join their business? Just like my plaintive crier.

What they are really looking for is:

  • A way to make enough mone.y to stay in the game long enough to build an organization that can generate enough income so they can quit that job
  • A way to generate enough leads to sustain their organization and offset the attrition any mlm business faces (95% of people who start a network marketing business either do nothing or quit within 3-4 months)
  • A way to convert their hard earned leads into buyers or team members

What that boils down to is- they need a way to make mon.ey even if their mlm leads don’t end up joining them in their network marketing home business.

So here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Have more than your home business opportunity to offer

Give them what they are looking for. Show them where to get the tools, training and support to:

  • Make mon.ey fast so they can afford to stay in the game long enough to be successful
  • Generate qualified leads on demand
  • Establish relationships with the home business leads they get
  • Have mone.y making products so they don’t have to sell anyone on their business opportunity to make an income and,
  • Get the right people join their business without even asking them to

I know, I know. You don’t have anything to offer But the opportunity to join your business or at least buy your products. How are you going to offer them all the above?

Offer to remove all the roadblocks to their success. But to do that you need to take me up on the offer to do that for you. Click the Show Me How button below now.

Terrence G Neraasen
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I would LIKE nothing better than to help people like YOU make money and build the life of your dreams.
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