Written Goal

The Magic Of A Written Goal

It’s a fact that “Subby” can’t tell a huge important task from a trivial chore. Nor can the subconscious distinguish a real, in the present moment event, from one merely imagined. If I believe something to be true or real, my subconscious has no choice but to accept. I’ve also discovered the power of a written goal or task.

This is wonderful if your thoughts and observations are upbeat, positive and focused on service and the good of others. It’s not so good but equally powerful if those thoughts and imaginings are fearful, angry or focused on no good. Because the subconscious doesn’t care. It returns what ever is planted.

Which brings me to the power of a written goal. I and all my MKMMA colleagues are writing small chores we promise to complete by a specified date on to an index card like the one below. And we then  read them daily, celebrating the completion with enthusiasm even after it has been done.

Written Goal

The minor tasks are not the point of the exercise. I’m training myself and my mind to honour and diligently complete any task or written goal I promise to do. I’m going to up the ante in future by putting onto this card much more important tasks as part of a plan of action to achieve my Definite Major Purpose.  Subby can’t tell the difference; little and inconsequential or large and of great import. it’s all the same.

The Habit of Keeping My Promises

If I train Subby to “just do it” and establish this habit of doing whatever is written on a card, or in a notebook or on a calendar, it shall be done. I have discovered this habit spills over and affects my completion of other tasks, even those that are written only on the index card in my mind. The multiplier effect is astounding.

What as sense of power and accomplishment this realization brought me. You’ll also note I’ve placed coloured shapes next to each task. I’m linking the satisfaction and thrill of accomplishment of these tasks to the major goals and Personal Pivotal Needs of my Definite Major Purpose. When I read the DMP aloud I’m seeing those same shapes and colours associated with my achievements. I’m bombarding my subconscious from as many angles as possible.

The whole idea is to manifest “I can be what I will to be”. Leveraging what Wooden said are the two basics of all success; industriousness and enthusiasm, will accelerate my successful manifestation of my deepest desires.

Check out what I wrote about the Limbic System last year and way back in 2015 I was impressed with the interaction of the conscious with the subconscious as written here.

May You Discover The Power That Is Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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