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Remember You Must Work At Network Marketing

So Eric Worre ( asks a really thought provoking question in the video I’ve embedded below. It definitely gets right to the point about the fact there’s work to be done if you are in network marketing. You have to work at network marketing just as hard as you work at your job if you want success.

Think about it. Network marketing has the potential to generate several thousand $$ each week. So it would make sense that you would spend some money on advertising and lead generation in order to earn those dollars. Right?

Assuming you said yes, you’ll give some serious thought to Worre’s question (if you said no, you must have fallen prey to the “something for nothing” and “we do it all for you” hucksters. Yeah they still exist.). Worre asks “how many presentations/week would you require of someone you hired to do them for you at a cost of $1,000/week”?

Interesting question. Doesn’t matter what number you came up with. If you personally are not doing that number of presentations/week, then why would you expect a hired gun to do it? Presumably the number of presentations you do or get done for you, is based on how many convert to sales and revenue. And that revenue has to match your net income goal. You have to work at network marketing to reach those income goals. Or pay someone else to do the work.

You’ll see that Worre’s audience was all over the map with their predictions (5/week to hundreds/week). A common number was 15-25 presentations per week. But then his next question is even more interesting.

Do You Really Work At Network Marketing?

How many presentation have you done this week, this month; have you done 25 in the whole month?” Well for me personally I’m working on it, but honestly have had to work hard at getting to an average of 1/day.


He says the hard facts are that most network marketers do absolutely nothing. I’ve been calling a lot of “former network marketers” recently and I can tell you that’s probably true. And the worst part is the people involved blame everything and everybody else for their lack of success. I’ve heard “I lost a lot of money on those scams!” quite a few times.

The sad part is they undoubtedly did lose a bunch of money. But they didn’t lose it on scams. Those folks lost it because they were either told or a least expected that all they had to do was sign up and the money would come flowing in. They somehow believed the laws of business do not apply to network marketing. They bought into the idea you don’t have to work at network marketing like any other business. Or any job for that matter.

The laws of business do apply. You have to invest time, money and work. You gotta have ambition, passion and drive to succeed in network marketing just like any other business. If you worked as hard at your network marketing business as you do at your job, you’d be fabulously rich!

Decide to tell your story and expose at least one person each and every day to your opportunity. Just one presentation per day. Share it with all who will listen. Do that month after month and you’ll be wealthy in 2-3 years. Make a commitment to yourself and do not fail no matter what!

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Work At Network Marketing


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