Seeking Inspiration

Inspiration And The Omnipresence of Omnipotence

Part Twenty of The Master Key is a pivotal lesson for me. Inspiration is, all at once,  The Art:

  • Of imbibing,
  • Of self realization,
  • Of aligning the individual with the Universal,
  • Of attaching the proper mechanism to the source of power,
  • Of differentiating formless into form,
  • Of becoming the channel for Infinite wisdom,
  • Of visualizing perfection, and
  • Of realizing the omnipresence of Omnipotence (Part Twenty -15). 

What a mouthful! “The spirit of you — is you; without it you would be nothing.” So spirit is life force or spiritual power which is only activated through recognition or becoming consciously aware of it. OK so that means since I am me, I am aware of my being, I am already aware or conscious of, the spiritual power I possess. Otherwise I would be nothing.

But knowledge does not apply itself so in Part Twenty -8 Haanel says “When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel power.” In other words you begin to be able to apply that knowledge and this power.

He says that awareness of power puts into action imagination and inspiration, gives vitality to thought and connects you to the Universal mind. But you have to understand these concepts both intellectally and emotionally; an intellectual understanding will be of no help.

Therein lies my struggle. I can identify with what Haanel teaches on an intellectual level but getting involved emotionally is not easy; too many decades of repressing emotions perhaps. The concrete is sometimes there for protection.

Inspiration and Awareness Come Only in the Silence

Seeking InspirationHaanel continues with awareness only comes in the Silence (Part Twenty -9). Inspiration comes from within and the Silence seems a necessary pre-requisite of all advances driven by inspiration (Part Twenty -18) and also that inspiration is the art of receiving (Part Twenty -19). Recall that he also says inspiration is the art of imbibing which is defined as “the act of drinking in”.

He says in Part Twenty -20 that “We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, if we consciously breathe with that intention.” This rings a bell within me and I begin to understand the significance of what he says in Part Twenty -23 & 24 which essentially (at least in my mind) is that we are all IN the Universal; every time we breathe we breathe life, love and spirit, which we cannot live without. It is Cosmic Energy or what he calls Pranic Energy; the Life of the Solar Plexus. Remember the Sun Centre?

Alright then. Every time we breathe we fill ourselves with this Pranic Energy which is Life itself. It is omnipresent and Omnipotent. We can, if we are conscious of our own power, make the connectionwith the Universal Mind in the process. This seems simple enough.

So I go into my Sit with the thought in mind that “In the Universal I live, and move and breathe and have my being. With each breath I take I breathe in the essence of the Universal Spirit, the source of all power, all creation and all Life.”

So when he says int Part Twenty -29 that trying to force compliance with our wishes through the power of the individual will is doomed to failure, I recall earlier passages which indicate we are mistaken if we think it within our power to influence the manifestation of our ideal. The finite cannot command the Infinite. We must merely make the ideal perfect. The Infinite can be counted upon to deliver that necessary for full expression.

So I seek the Silence this week, letting both my body and my mind relax and trusting that my thoughts have already been registered. It is my task to become aware of the Infinite, to surrender and listen for the inspiration; to feel the power.

I have some flashes of images I cannot yet interpret but will continue to examine seriously. Inspiration and intuition must be given warm welcomes or they will visit no more.

What Am I Pretending Not To Know

But I also realize that I have been procrastinating on developing a new plan of action. That prompted me to begin mapping out a new plan. I also realize this procrastination is due to fear that it won’t be the right plan. Coincidentally, my virtue this week is Courage. Or maybe not so coincidentally.

To be inspired also means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut because extraordinary results require extraordinary means” (Part Twenty  -14). Ok so I am prepared to have the courage to get out of the rut, out of my comfort zone. Do it now works!

Constant repetition of “what am I pretending not to know” and “what would the person I intend to become do next” are superb catalysts for introspection and action.

May the power be yours

seeking inspiration




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