The Subcoscious Mind Seat of Genius

Week 2 – The Seat Of Genius

The Subcoscious Mind Seat of GeniusThe Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius

I now begin to more fully appreciate the wonderful power of the subconscious mind, “that mysterious source that never sleeps”. It is generally agreed that most humans use perhaps 5% of the incredible capacity of the mind, and that the ultimate potential of the mind is infinite. If we could tap into even a small part of the remaining 95% imagine what we could achieve!

Week 2 of the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance experience begins to show me how I can control my thoughts and begin to access that other 95%; the subconscious mind.

I am immediately reminded of Einstein’s thought experiments by which he elucidated some of the most fundamental laws of the Universe. He connected with the Universal Mind through some process of commanding his subconscious to make that connection and discover the truths about which he was obsessed. Master Key Lesson 2 provides the examples of Shakespeare, Phidias, Raphael and Beethoven, geniuses in their own areas of life work.

Not only is the subconscious mind the seat of our principles, aspirations and habits, it is clearly the seat of genius as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

Turn it over to the subconsciousI’m sure you marvel as I do at the precision and perfection of concert pianists, championship gymnasts or the amazing skills and execution of athletes like Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, Alex Rodriguez and Jose Bautista (can you guess I love hockey and baseball?).

Biologically we explain that as their having created and trained millions of new neural pathways to allow them to apparently effortlessly execute the intricate and precise movements required to do what they do. That’s true, their execution becomes automatic, instinctive. Practice makes perfect.

But it’s also true they have turned over the management and coordination of those movements to that part of the mind which “operates with the regularity and certainty that would be impossible if there existed the possibility of error” (Part Two – 2). That’s the same mind that controls “the vital processes of our physical life…. that … are designedly withdrawn from the domain of outward will…. and placed under the direction of permanent and dependable power within us” (Part 2 – 9). That’s the subconscious mind, part of that other 95%.

The transition may not be absolutely perfect as the control of our respiration and heart beat, but it’s amazing nonetheless. Also consider this- 80% (or thereabouts) of ones ability to perform physical feats such as those of the artists and athletes referenced is due not to their physical attributes, but to the CONFIDENCE they have in their ability to execute. Development of BELIEF in their ability to perform takes time but it too is evidence of the fact they have trained their subconscious so they have confidence in their ability to do what they do.

This Is A Process

I continue to refine my Definite Major Purpose and expressing my Personal Pivotal Needs of Legacy and Liberty. My enthusiasm and productivity are on the rise. I am keeping my promises and doing the exercises (I can create a blue rectangle out of nearly any blue shape I see!) and attaching positive feelings to as many ideas, thoughts and issues as I can (idealization). Yes I am preparing the soil and planting seeds of that which I desire to grow.

More later.

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