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master mind powerI am compelled to write about Master Mind Power this week. As I was reading The Master Key Part Sixteen and preparing to seek the Silence, this thought entered my mind:

“The biggest problem with my former board of directors was that it was the exact opposite of what a Master Mind should be.”

Part Sixteen is not specifically about Master Minding but we are involved in a collective Mastermind exercise with all members of the Alliance this week. We focus on being aware of and performing acts of kindness. We are in harmony, focused on a common goal. Perhaps this is why the dysfunctional board came to mind.

But let me explain. The board of which I speak was one in which the members were focused on controlling and extracting benefits for themselves from the organization. I knew this was completely the opposite of what their responsibility was, because of my previous experience with a board of directors that operated with singleness of purpose. That purpose was soley to further the vision, values and goals of the organization.

Making the connection between this dysfunctional board and the Master Mind principle gives me clarity and an understanding that while I may not have handled this situation well, there was nothing I could have done that would have changed that situation.

Master Mind Power A Two Edged Sword

I also realized that within the board there was a powerful Master Mind at work within a subset of the board members. Two of seven members of the board, backed by the executive of the organization from whence they came, were truly focused on a common goal and determined to see it realized. They eventually succeeded in taking control and subverting the organization to their puposes. Theirs was a true Master Mind.

The lesson here is that Master Mind power can just as easily be focused upon evil, as it can be upon good. And Master Mind power is just as effective in promoting evil as it is in promoting good. But as Haanel indicates in Master Key Fifteen -29, be careful what you ask for. I wonder how the Law of Compensation will or has dealt with these folks. I am certain it will. You reap what you sow.

Master Mind Power Benefits My Life

It’s a given that we all benefit from the collective Master Mind power of the Alliance. However, the key work and benefits are found in the Master Mind alliances we develop as individuals. My Master Mind Partner Dennis and I have a scheduled meeting twice a week but find we frequently engage in impromptu sessions when the need arises.

While we are focused on our individual goals, our exchanges are aimed at helping each other be successful, whether that’s providing help with solving a problem, or providing expertise, tools or resources the other may not have. We are also involved in some common projects so much of our Master Minding has to do with those.

Over time we have developed an uncanny ability to almost read the mind of the other. That’s merely a function of the Master Mind power bringing two minds into harmony.

Master Keys Part Sixteen – Growth And Change

Master Keys Part Sixteen is all about growth and change as Haanel points out in the introduction. I realize we have come very far in this journey as I read this part. It reviews and reminds me of the creative power of thought, the need to control thought and to create the perfect vision (our ideal) of what we desire.

In Part Sixteen -8 the fact the power to create depends on spiritual power and there are three steps to manifestation; idealization, visualization and materialization. Then Part Sixteen -15 reminds me “we can form our own mental images, through our own interior processes of thought….. and it is by the exercise of this power that we can control our own destiny, body, mind and soul.” This is the Spiritual Power of Visualization which is a product of the Imagination, a part of the inner world.

And as Haanel said earlier (Part Ten -15), we are not responsible or able to originate the intelligence necessary for bringing about a result (the ideal); “the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until your vision has been made real;…. the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place” (Part Sixteen -28).

This Visualization must be controlled by the will or conscious mind (Part Sixteen -35) so as always, what we let into our mind must be in harmony with our true desires and not influenced by flights of fancy (Part Sixteen -36). The exercise suggested for this week is to seek the Silence to ensure that what we desire is in harmony with our personal pivotal needs and are means to an end, not mere material possessions.

We should be striving to achieve a mental attitude that will bring about the results we desire. And this mental attitude should bring about the states of harmony and happiness. Achieving this connection with the Universal Mind will bring about everything we need to achieve what ever it is we desire. The actual methods by which this occurs will appear as needed. The Universal Mind can be counted upon to deliver.

So I’ve been striving to do this. To this point my DMP feels right. Inclusion of money and possessions still feel like they are the means to and end; leaving a legacy of wealth and abundance to my family and having a positive impact on water and wetland conservation. How I will be getting there is receiving some attention and adjustment.

I am in the flow and working very hard on controlling my Mind…. and my Destiny.

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