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Warm Market Recruiting Do’s And Don’ts

Warm Market RecruitsOne of the first things I was told when I first joined a network marketing company was “make a list of at least 100 people”. List your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances. Include everybody you know. That was the first step in the most important business building process; warm market recruiting.

Just to be clear from the outset; I think you actually should make this list. And you should make it as long and inclusive as you can. It is a very important resource. But I also think it’s a big mistake to start attempting to recruit everyone on that list into your business! At least using the standard recruiting approach. Let me explain why.

You’re probably pretty excited when you’ve just been exposed to an amazing new concept and told stories of quick and massive success achieved by ordinary folks just like you and me. So it seems really quite logical that all your friends and family would be excited too. Making a list and sharing this great business opportunity and amazing products with them seems like a no-brainer.

Well it seems like the logical thing to do to most people. For me it’s never been an attractive tactic. No matter how many times I was told “you just don’t want it enough” or “don’t let what other people might think of you prevent you from acting” and a litany of other prods, I just never felt right ‘going after my warm market’. Not even “don’t you care enough about the people closest to you, to conquer your fear and tell them about your business?” got me to act.

Why Was I Resisting Recruiting Friends and Family

I couldn’t put my finger on the exact reason I was so reluctant to follow the advice of every leader I met. I just would not jump into warm market recruiting. At least not using the approach and tactics most network marketing trainers and companies taught. But I recently discovered the answer to that question.

I was reading an article by Tracy Biller this morning and what he said about recruiting your friends and family turned on the light for me. Basically what he suggested was that chasing after friends and family with a network marketing opportunity violates their trust. I think he put it more like it violates the code of friendship.

I have friends who are doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, realtors, home builders, retail store owners and so on. None of them have approached me with a pitch to use their services or purchase their products. They are professionals. They don’t do that. I’m a professional. I don’t do that either.

But when I am in the market for products or services those friends can provide, they’ll be the first people I contact. I expect when they are in the market for what I can offer via my business, I’ll be the first person they will contact. Nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. The proviso is it’s gotta be their idea, not something pushed at them.

The Danger In Warm Market Recruiting

I realized then that my problem is that pushing a business opportunity at friends and family attempts to take advantage of a relationship established because of friendship or family ties that have nothing to do with my business goals. To put it simply, it’s just bad manners and displays a lack of integrity. That I cannot accept.

And no, not everyone “needs” your products or the business opportunity. And no I am not being selfish by keeping this thing to myself. Nor am I just worried about what they will think of me. I am concerned about how i will feel about myself. It’s as simple as that. I won’t violate my code of ethics by acting in the way recommended by the standard network marketing trainer/leader.

Given all I’ve said about warm market recruiting, how is it I think it’s very important to make the list? If I’m not going to try to get them involved as business partners or customers, why bother making the list? Because I will try to recruit some of them. But in a very specific way.

That’s because those people constitute the very best fuel to drive your business. Strangers and opportunity seekers are like regular grade gas to fuel your recruiting engine. Your warm market, the people you already know can be likened to rocket fuel for that engine. If you can harvest that fuel without blowing up the whole system, your business will take off in a way no other kind of potential recruits can match.

The Professional Approach To Recruiting People You Know

So how do I propose to approach my warm market without violating the code of friendship and my own self imposed ethical standards? That’s simple to say at least; make it their idea. For the most part I plan to have them ask me for a presentation about my business.

That can take time and requires a set of skills few network marketers have and even fewer teach. But it can be done in a way that I am comfortable with and will not ruin relationships with the people I care about. More on that later.

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