Vision Persistence And Creation Of Miracles

How Vision and Persistence Create A Miracle

This is a story of vision and the creation of a veritable miracle. It’s a perfect real world example of application of the four tiny habits that characterize all successful people.

Read about these four habits in this article I posted a while ago on my Masterkey Blog. In summary they are: 1. a definite purpose or vision backed by a burning desire; 2. a plan backed by continuous action; 3. a positive mental attitude; 4. a mastermind alliance.

The story begins in 2007 with a Grade 3 boy in Brunswick, Georgia. While at lunch this young fellow suffers a massive stroke. Quick emergency medical treatment allowed him to survive. But he has a patch of scar tissue deep within his brain. For the next seven years and three months he experiences two or three seizures per day.

His seizures are obviously tremendously debilitating to him and cause his mother tremendous anxiety. She is up several times every night checking on him, fearing that one of those seizures will take his life.

Surgery Out of the Question

By 2014 it was determined the scar tissue could not be removed because surgery would cause too much collateral damage to his brain. There was no way to alleviate his condition.

Then in 2015 the miracle appears. A new surgical tool had been acquired that was able to do what traditional neurosurgery could not. It promised to allow removal of the scar tissue in this young man’s brain without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

In early 2015 this remarkable instrument was used to successfully remove the offending scar and completely stop the occurrence of seizures. Before the surgery he had experienced over 5,000 of them; following surgery has has had none!

So what is this miracle tool and what does it have to do with vision, plans, positive mental attitude and a mastermind alliance? What it is and how it came to be is laid out in a superb article by Sean Moore in UM Today The Magazine.

It’s called the Neuroblate probe and was developed by two University of Manitoba alumni at Monteris Medical. They are Dr. Mark Torchia, a clinical scientist at St. Boniface Hospital, and Richard Tyc, a Mechanical Engineer.

Monteris Medical is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and focuses on development of innovative neurological techniques. The Neuroblate probe is a stunning example of their vision and expertise.

The Neuroblate Probe

The video below indicates the Neuroblate Probe won the 2015 Ernest C. Manning Principal Award, and introduces the inventors. The video also provides a good overview of exactly what this remarkable tool is and how it works.

As you will have seen from the video the Neuroblate probe is a slender tube 2.2 mm in diameter. It is constructed of materials that do not interfere with the imaging of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system which the surgeon uses to insert the probe with great precision into the brain of patients.

The probe is attached to a laser which is fired to essentially vaporize tumor cells or scar tissue. This is a hugely complex procedure as you can imagine. The computer program that controls the probe and allows the surgeon to see it and the target tumour, is as complex as that which operates the Mars Curiosity Rover!

Watch this video for more detail about the actual procedure involved in zapping a tumour.

The Motivation and the Vision

I am enthralled with the technology and the expertise of Torchia and Tyc. But what really catches my attention is how this miraculous invention came to be. Torchia is truly the visionary.

It all starts in the late 1980’s when Torchia is invited to observe a procedure called a biopsy. This is a procedure commonly used in medicine where small samples of tissue are taken from a living patient in order to examine for potential disease conditions. The occurrence of cancer cells is the most common application.

In this case the biopsy was of brain tissue, so this was no ordinary, routine procedure. Everything created begins as thought or idea. Following the procedure, Torchia and a colleague mused that since the probe used was already inserted into the brain tissue it should really be able to perform some treatment.

That was the idea; the germ of the vision that would lead to the Neuroblate probe. Torchia’s fully formed vision was to build on the technology he had witnessed in the biopsy procedure. He wanted to develop a tool that would eliminate the use of the words “Your tumour is inoperable“.

He had seen too many patients with tumours located deep within the brain, making them impossible to remove. This was essentially a death sentence. So his purpose or vision was to solve that problem.

The Plan and Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude is essential for achievement. But this means more than having a sunny, hopeful disposition. It means being able to close your mind to discouragement and negative opinions of those around you. Torchia persevered through much discouragement and ridicule.

His first application for research funding in 1991 was scathingly reviewed by the world’s most renowned neurosurgeon. He is reported to have thought it the most foolish, simplistic and obviously impossible device he had ever seen.

He was told by the leading European MRI research team that his idea was impossible. When he showed his prototype device to the inventor of the fibreoptic endoscope, he met with a derisive laugh.

The Mastermind

Successful people rarely accomplish their goals without the help of other people. In 1999 after working on his idea for nearly a decade, Torchia teamed up with Richard Tyc and formed Monteris Medical. Tyc had the engineering knowledge and technical expertise required to translate Torchia’s vision into reality.

By 2003 they had a prototype and in 2008 the device was tested on a human for the first time. It was subsequently approved by the FDA for tissue coagulation. It has since been used extensively for treating formerly inoperable brain tumours and for other treatment not envisioned at the outset. The removal of scar tissue from the brain of the boy in Georgia is an example.

One thought and idea leads to others. The original vision for the Neuroblate probe sets in moition a cascade of other ideas which will undoubtedly lead to other applications, and perhaps other devices that treat unrelated conditions.

The Success Formula

Form and then make your vision crystal clear. Proceed inexorably toward it despite opposition and ridicule. People, methods and resources will be made available to you. You will find your mastermind and your vision will manifest.

The story of the Neuroblate probe is such a great example of this.

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