Your Unique Gifts

Discover Your Unique Gifts

It’s a fact. You are unique. Right down to the smallest detail of your physical, mental and spiritual makeup. Nobody has the same fingerprint, exact same facial print, or same eye print. Nobody thinks exactly like you. And no one has feelings exactly like yours. Your genetic makeup is unique. As technology advances there are more and more ways to demonstrate just how unique we really are. And that extends to your unique gifts that you can share with the world.

Unique Gifts and Hero's JourneyNow consider the fact everything in the Universe has a purpose. That everything includes you and me. We all have a purpose; something only we can do to perfection. The trick is to find that purpose and to pursue it for all we’re worth. As Quincy Jones is purported to have said “If someone can discourage you from your dreams- you should be!”

So pursue your dream no matter what!

That’s the Hero’s Journey so masterfully described by Joseph Campbell in his numerous works on myth, legend and religion. Campbell discovered his Bliss, what he wanted to do more than anything else in his life at an early age. He discovered his gifts and shared them with the world.

And so I take to heart another thought from Quincy Jones to whit:

“Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person, both young and old shared a little of what he is good at doing.”

There is someone out there with a problem only you can solve. Find your gifts and give them freely. It can be a long journey but imagine what you’ll discover and what you’ll become along the way. When you align your goals in life with your true purpose, you will be well on the way to sharing those unique gifts. Because discovering and sharing your unique gifts IS your true purpose.

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