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Tyson’s What Goes Good With Milk Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategyAn Elegant Online Marketing Strategy

Now just for a minute IMAGINE this:

It’s fall of 2013 and a guy with a photography business that keeps him real busy decides to take the plunge into the world of online marketing.

He’s brand new, has ZERO experience, and really doesn’t have a clue about how to go about it.

But he’s determined to make a success of it and make some great monee in the process.

He started with a dream, turned it into a goal and just took action.

Now it’s February of 2014 and he’s pulling in 10K+/month as an affiliate marketer- selling products other people produced. By May he was adding 20K to his bank account in affiliate commissions.

And get this; in December when everyone else is slacking off because it’s Christmas, people have other priorities, and so on….

He rakes in over 35.4K!

He ends up making nearly 243,000 in revenue with a really innovative “soft sell” approach. No aggressive hype and big time flash.

So how did he do all that. What’s his secret and what the heck is a “what goes good with milk” marketing strategy? Fortunately he revealed all in an awesome interview with Andrew Draughon, Editor of Elite Marketing Pro Newsletter, which I posted in the video below.

Listen carefully to what he has to say because although he uses an analogy involving grandma offering you a glass of milk to describe the marketing approach and philosophy, you’ll find it creative and insightful. You’ll want to implement it yourself ASAP.

He reveals among a whole bunch of other things:

  • The biggest mistake new affiliate marketers make when choosing their online marketing strategy
  • How to sell with ease but without really selling
  • How to become a trusted adviser to your customers instead of a “slick” salesperson
  • How he turned a $300 investment into $15k in two weeks using his “S3″ formula

Check it out right here…

What Goes Good With Milk Marketing Strategy



But the KEYS to his success were:

  • Choosing a quality affiliate program
  • Learning the marketing strategies provided and choosing one marketing strategy to build his business
  • Taking massive action
  • Teaching the marketing strategies to other people.

If you watched the video you’ll know where he got the training he needed and what he was selling. If you haven’t watched it I suggest you do. His approach is elegantly simple and so very powerful.

The one thing he said he’d do if he was starting over was he’d get some coaching and mentoring. Sounds like he did pretty well without it, but for most people getting help and one on one coaching is definitely an advantage…. if not downright essential.

I have no idea where you are in your business and what marketing strategies you use. But if you are undecided as to what approach you should take and maybe have finally decided that it’s time to get some marketing and personal development coaching, help is on the way.

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