Tribe Marketing

Tribe Marketing Is Content Syndication On Steroids

Why You Need A Tribe Marketing System

Obviously “Tribe Marketing” is a marketing strategy that focused on building social groups or communities around a product or service.

But to the shrewd entrepreneur, tribe marketing means much much more than bringing a bunch of people interested in the same things together. Here’s a short list of potential benefits tribe marketing can provide:

  • Back Links from trusted and high authority sites
  • Viral Facebook Applications
  • Viral Twitter Posts
  • Blog Commenting and Trackbacks
  • Ability to increase SEO and subsequent Ranking
  • Very targeted new traffic
  • Increased product and business exposure

These are all things that internet marketers work very hard to achieve in their marketing programs. Tribe marketing has the potential to boost them all much quicker and easier than could be produced from their individual efforts.

What Is Internet Based Tribe Marketing

Maximizing exposure is the name of the game when it comes to marketing any business both online and offline.

Products and services simply do not sell themselves. In the online arena, driving targeted traffic to your sales pages, blog, articles and social media pages is critical.

One effective way to do this offline, has been to form an advertising or marketing cooperative. In such cooperative ventures you partner with other non-competing players and share the costs and rewards of a joint promotion.

As an example you might take out a full page ad in an industry magazine and share the costs with each partner running a half page ad. This makes it easy to share the costs as well as distribute the returns in a way that is equitable.

Conventional media and their use by advertisers has declined over the past decade because of the emergence of online marketing opportunities that provide reduced costs, greater flexibility and much greater reach.

As a result marketers now have the ability to take cooperative joint venture advertising to much greater heights with Tribe Marketing. We can literally team up with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other online marketers to decrease advertising costs and seriously increase our exposure on the Internet through social media syndication. Tribe Marketing is automated cooperative marketing.

Tribe Marketing is the Ultimate Content Syndication Platform.

The power is found in an automatic advertising, promotion, and social media syndication process. Each member of the group or Tribe, sets up their own marketing and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, and any number of others.

The system you work with then allows everyone to automatically share, in other words auto syndicate, content distributed by other members in the coop. Your content gets syndicated on the sites of other members and you syndicate theirs in return. It’s a quid pro quo system.

One of the better tools for Tribe Marketing is It’s growing in popularity and will be a mainstay for this kind of content syndication for years to come.

How Do Marketers Benefit from Tribe Marketing?

One of the most efficient techniques to get your content to rank higher on the search websites is to get more quality back links from sites with some degree of authority, like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit amongst others.

Tribe Marketing can potentially get you hundreds, even thousands of back links in seconds.

Product endorsement and even implied endorsements such as those that occur because your content is published on other sites, lend a touch of social proof that may go a long way toward making a sale.

When tribe marketing members share your content on their social media sites, it is like getting an endorsement of you and your products, which may end up in getting you instant traffic, leads and sales.

One of the less obvious benefits are the potential relationships you create with the members of your marketing tribe. Like you, these folks are marketing pros always looking to increase profitability. Associating with like minded tribe members creates potential partnerships and collaborative projects.

Tribe Marketing on the Fast Lane

There are only a few of proven, time-tested Tribe Marketing systems available so you have only two options.

If you are a brave soul with a great deal of expertise you can create your own system and invite people to join and participate. That will be a lot of work.

You’ll need to set up network of WordPress multi-user installations, buddypress sites, article directories and social book marketing systems. You’ll have to make sure you install each domain on a different C-Class IP so you have the essential IP diversification required to give your network the quality and authority it needs.

If that option looks like too much of a headache, the alternative is to participate in a system like

Join TribePro here if you like: Join TribePro

Tribepro offers a no-cost trial account and then some low cost membership levels. Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate the system you can upgrade to one of two automatic syndication options ( depending on how much marketing you wish to do ) and put your whole campaign on autopilot.

On the other hand, if you want to understand attraction marketing and the tools and techniques that can drive your business long term- including Tribe Marketing, Click the Show Me How button below, enter your information in the form that pops up and I’ll get back to you right away.

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