The Science of Getting Rich

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Though The Science of Getting Rich was published over a century ago, there are numerous useful tips within it for people that are endeavoring to build better businesses and build better lives for themselves, their family and society as a whole.

You achieve what you have, basically by consistently carrying out things in a specific way. People who prosper in one area of their lives as a result of applying the principles in the Science of Getting Rich are going to apply them to other areas. They will in most cases continue to grow prosperous.

Individuals who have NOT discovered ways to use these methods irrespective of how conscientiously they labor or how committed to their careers they are , will rarely become rich. Wattles attests in this book that any individual that can discover and apply the right approach can easily become wealthy.

So What is This Century-Old Secret?

Being conscious of how to execute activities that may make you prosperous is vital, and the starting place, according to Mr. Wattles is in your cerebral cortex. The ideas are universal. You can find them in Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” and in the writings and advice about the Law of Attraction by contemporary authors like Steve Pavlina.

You are in command of everything you do. So for anyone who is always failing and performing poorly, it’s about time to address the causes. The causes for failure are nearly always in your own Subconscious mind.

On the opposite end of the scale, people who are successful seem to be constructive, positive thinkers. They seem to become entrepreneurs very early in their lives. The Science of Getting Rich is very simple and fundamental. Once understood, any person who applies the principles to their routine activities can attain wealth.

If there’s a Will there’s a Way

That phrase is familiar to most people and I think most agree it’s true. Your will is why you DO things and why you DON’T do things too. Will is what causes some people to be awake before the alarm goes off, while others hit the sleep button.

The early risers are full to the brim with hope and expectation for their day. They have a positive, confident mindset which drives them to achieve. The other folks have a negative outlook on life. For them, unless they inherit lots of money or win the lottery, their prospects of becoming well off are poor indeed.

Download Your Free Copy of The Science of Getting Rich Today

You will find a copy of The Science of Getting Rich right here, totally free in .pdf format. You are encouraged to download it, share it with your friends and apply the principles to your life.

Wallace D. Wattles’ 1910 classic book republished by Rebecca Fine is a must read for anyone who wants to change their life and become wealthy. Download it free by clicking the link below.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

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This book has inspired and empowered a veritable multitude around the globe. Rebecca Fine has applied the basic principles behind the book in her own life. She republished the 1910 classic in order to take its message to the world.

Based on Wattle’s original Science of Getting Rich, Rebecca has developed a coaching course. It has been delivered to just about every country around the world. Many individuals have been inspired to change the way they think and thus to change their lives.

A massive number of people have experienced extraordinary benefits as a result of adopting the advice contained in the Science of Getting Rich.

It’s pretty easy to become skeptical about, even dismissive of all the personal development books, courses and programs out there about creating prosperity and personal success. This book could easily have dropped into obscurity like so many others.

Why has it endured as a classic? Why is its message so powerful that it is read and its principles applied by successful people more than a century after its initial publication? Find out for yourself.

Download your copy of The Science of Getting Rich now and discover precisely why it is so effective.

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The Science of Getting Rich



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