Symbols Versus Reality

Do Not Mistake Symbols For Reality

Listen to Haanel in my recording of The Master Key System – Part Seventeen. We all take for granted Homo sapiens (Man as Haanel says) has “dominion over all things”.  This idea is stated as fact in the Bible and echoed by many philosophers and wise men throughout the ages.  We humans worship many things but power stands foremost among them. Haanel points out the real basis of this power. He also notes many mistake the symbols of Power for the reality.

You will see as Earl Nigthingale also points out that the real source of power and our purported dominion over all things is due to our ability to control our thoughts. And it’s pretty rare that anyone actually practices this control and focuses on the realities rather than the symbols of power.

May the Power Be Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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