Spiritual Power Is The Most “Practical” Thing In The World

In The Master Key Part Twenty-Three Haanel speaks of the practical application of Spiritual Power in the business world; the earning of money. He indicates Spirit is the Essence of Consciousness, the reality underlying Thought, and Spirit is the ultimate fact, the Idea (12). And in 21 he says “spirituality is the most “practical” thing in the world, the only really absolutely “practical” thing there is.” Here the definition of “practical” is revealing:

prac.ti.cal (prak’ti-k’l) adj.
1. of, exhibited in, or obtained through practice or action: as, practical knowledge: opposed to theoretical, speculative, ideal.
2. that can be used; workable; useful; as, practical proposals.
3. designed for use; utilitarian: as, a practical dress.
4. concerned with the application of knowledge to useful ends, as distinguished from speculation, etc.: as, practical science, a practical mind.
5. given to or experienced from actual practice: as, a practical farmer.
6. of, concerned with, or dealing efficiently with everyday activities, work, etc.
7. that is so in practice, whether or not in theory, intention, law, etc.; virtual.
8. matter-of-fact.

In The Master Key Part Fourteen we learn that Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore endowed with creative power. We know this because we are very much aware that we become what we think about. But we tend to think of Spirit and Spirituality as something we acquire from elsewhere, from outside ourselves. From our study of The Master Key it is becoming abundantly clear that all power is from within and that Spirit is also within. It is the Essence of our being.

Spiritual Power and the Money Consciousness

In Part Twenty-Three Haanel makes the case that the power of Spirit, otherwise called our connection to The Infinite, The Universal Mind or the Thinking Stuff of the Universe from Wattles, is the operational factor in the attitude of mind he calls “the money consciousness” (1). He says “money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; it engages the best thoughts of the best minds.” (2).

In Part 23 (9) he says very diplomatically “The average person is entirely innocent of deep or creative thinking.” In the Introduction he indicates we can give nothing of more practical value than our thought. Creative thinking requires attention which develops concentration, which in turn leads to Spiritual Power, the mightiest force in existence.

That this power can be brought to bear for the purpose of making money has been demonstrated time and time again. And to those who fear that using the powers of a connection to the Universal for commercial gain may bring with it some form of punishment, he indicates were that the case, such action could never proceed in the first place. Point 4 in the definition above, which I have underlined,  is most pertinent to this discussion.

You can make a money magnet of yourself by seeing and acting upon opportunities to help others, in this case, to help them make money (5). We hear this refrain often in the home business world, especially in the network marketing industry. However, the principle seems poorly understood and applied with even less expertise. The problem is the the “I want to make money” part of the equation is too often the major goal, rather than being in balance with the part that says “by helping other people make money.” The latter of course is the journey, the essential being of service part of the equation.

Application of this power must conform to natural laws of course. We make money by making friends and we make more friends by helping them make money; by being of service. And being of service is the first law of success, which is in itself built upon truth and justice (3). Does this sound familiar? It should because it is the essence of Point 5 in the Blueprint Builder (the Confidence Builder in Think and Grow Rich).

Spiritual Power is from Within

spiritual power and myhHaanel invokes the Law of Least Effort (Responsibility) when he says “keep an open mind, recognize opportunity and be interested in the race rather than the goal” (4). It also reminds me of what Mark J has often said about finding and following your Bliss. It is the same message Joseph Campbell delivers in the powerful PBS series “The Power of Myth” which I have been fortunate to have watched over the past week.

Simply put, your Bliss is your purpose, your Dharma, what you want most in life to do. With Joseph Campbell it was the study and understanding of myths, legends and world religions. This driving force for his life was awakened in and recognized by him as a very young boy during a visit to a major museum of natural history. He said he followed that “dream” for his entire life and the journey itself was the goal or purpose.

Campbell believed that we are Spirits, spiritual beings in a body which is merely the vehicle for that Spirit. Spirit is the “God” within you; the Universal, and is connected with those of all living things. He believed also that all myths and the basis of all religions is akin to the Heroes Journey; the search for self, discovering your Bliss, and ultimately following your Bliss.

I think if you are fortunate enough to have discovered your Bliss, as Joseph Campbell did, at an early age, and then steadfastly followed that dream, you too will automatically have lived life to its fullest. The object you seek is the quest upon which you begin. It is the rare individual who can enter this race and stick to the path throughout his or her life. But it’s also true it’s never too late to rediscover that purpose, however buried in circumstance.

We are all believers. having embarked on our personal Heroes Journey with the MKMMA Experience.

May the Power be with you

spiritual power

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