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Some Article Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

Tips To Maximize Article Marketing Benefits

The thing you need the most when trying to build a business is a continuous source of leads. The best way to get that lead flow is to embrace various internet marketing methods of which article marketing is one.

Have you been told that article marketing is a powerful strategy to build your business but it’s not working for you?

You have been writing what you think are very fine compositions but nobody seems to notice?

Your lead generation just isn’t there and you are getting pretty frustrated?

If so take heart because you are not alone AND it’s not your fault. You just have not been taught how to do it so you get the benefits of a good article marketing strategy.

You would be wise to take careful note of these powerful article marketing tips before you embark on a marketing campaign. Article marketing is a superb technique that will provide great returns if done correctly.

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Most Powerful Article Marketing Tips

The first of these article marketing tips is do some market research.

The first step in any marketing campaign involves keyword analysis. You obviously have products you want to sell or a network marketing business you are hoping to build. You need to be able to attract people who are looking for your products or for what they can do for people who use them.

Keyword analysis and research allows you to discover exactly what words or phrases your target audience uses when they do an online search. Once you have a list of a half dozen keyword phrases you have the basic theme around which you write your articles.

Write two or three articles based upon each keyword or phrase you come up with and then submit those articles to various article directories and publish some on your own blog or website.

Be Informative and Relevant

Writing articles based on the search terms used by your potential customers ensures that the articles will be closely related to what people are looking for. Search engines like Google will recognize this and start to give your content some priority in search results.

It is very important that you write articles that give good information about the topic. For instance if your products are designed to help people build muscle mass, your article should give valuable tips and advice about how that can be accomplished.

Your goal is to catch the reader’s attention and give them enough good information that they will read the full article. You want them to get down to the resource box at the bottom of the page because that’s where you are able to provide a link to your capture page or website.

If you have chosen good keywords you’ll attract people who already have an interest in what you want to sell. If you do a good job of writing, they will want to know more and will read the information about you and your products in the resource box (sometimes called the Author Bio).

Tell Your Readers Exactly What To Do

But here’s another key article marketing tip. Make sure you have a link to your capture page there and tell readers exactly what they must do to get more information. Don’t just hope they’ll click your link; tell them to “click here and provide your name and email address now”.

Article Marketing Tips – Best Approach

Publish your articles on top quality article directories like and These are sites with high authority and get lots of traffic. An article published on such sites carries more weight than ones published on lesser directories.

These high authority sites have stringent guidelines for creating articles and they take some time to get approved. Make sure you follow the guidelines and produce high quality content. It will be worth the effort.

Your articles should never be blatant advertisements or promotions of your product. If they are your articles will be rejected. You can describe the benefits of your products in some detail without actually naming them or putting a direct link to your sales page in the body of your article. If you do this correctly people will want to get more information by acting on your instructions in the resource box.

Secret Article Marketing Tip – Back Links

Publishing on high authority sites will automatically give your content a boost. If you have great content you will get other people publishing your articles or at least putting links to them on their own websites. This is called back linking. Back links will help get your articles ranked higher and this will generate more traffic to your content and produce more leads for you.

Here’s a key tip. Write a bunch of short articles that are related to your main group of keywords. Include links to the high quality articles you published on ezinearticles and any other top-level directories. Publish these new articles in a variety of places like social media sites, networking sites, other article directories, etc. This action will get you more back links.

Publish good articles on high authority sites over an extended period of time following these article marketing tips and you will be seen as an authority. The result will be traffic, leads and sales for your business.

And that’s what it’s all about. Here’s the best article marketing tip of all. Before you write a single paragraph decide what result you want from your article. Do you want traffic? Do you want leads? Do you want readers to make a purchase?

Apply all of the above tips and you will be halfway there. To get the full benefits of article marketing you need to understand a simple step by step process that works regardless of what your specific objective is.

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