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Quick & Easy Way To Rank ANY YouTube Video Just Released

One of my favorite tools I use to implement off page optimization of my videos is SocialMonkee ( They have just announced a new feature that’s going to make ranking videos even better and quicker. And since videos are much easier to rank on Google and especially on Youtube than other content, I anticipate that this new feature will be a super addition to my tool kit for video marketing.

If you already use video marketing to expose new, highly qualified traffic to your site, you will instantly LOVE this new Social Viewer feature. If you don’t use video marketing, you are missing out, big time! But not to worry, I’m going to show you how to start using videos in your marketing strategies at the end of this post. Once you implement video marketing and start using SocialMonkee (if you don’t already) you’ll find this new Social Viewer really powerful.

Here’s What The Social Viewer Does for Video Marketing

Colin Klinkert from SocialMonkee puts it this way. “In short, the Social Viewer allows you to submit videos to SocialMonkee, so other members of the site can watch them, like them, comment on them, add them to their favorites and even subscribe to your channel.” In effect this offers a ready made video syndication group, something that all video marketers are familiar with and find very important in their efforts to rank their videos.

What does that mean to you? Remember that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. So just imagine what getting all that action on your videos and your Channel would do to both your YouTube and Google rankings!

Ranking a YouTube video in Google is much easier than ranking a webpage. The YouTube domain has a lot of power because it is a site with Authority. It’s been around a long time, has a lot of traffic and activity on a daily basis. Any video posted there “borrows” the Authority Status of the site. It’s also owned by Google and we all know Google likes to rank their own stuff high so they are going to give videos posted on Youtube preference. Or at least that seems logical to me. There is a lot of traffic up for grabs and more traffic means more leads… period!

Colin also says “The Social Viewer offers you a quick and easy way to boost your video rankings, in both YouTube and Google, and the best part is… It won’t cost you any money! The Social Viewer feature is available for ALL SocialMonkee members”. But there are also significant benefits to being an upgraded SocialMonkee member which you can learn about when you visit the site.

How Does The Social Viewer Work for Video Marketing?

You just install the Social Viewer Firefox or Chrome plugin, a process which is easy with everything explained in simple steps. You then perform a few actions to earn credits, and use these credits to submit your own videos. Other SocialMonkee members will do the same. This is the video syndication feature and it is very exciting because there is a huge number of SocialMonkee members. Your ability to get views, likes, comments and subscribers to your channel is substantial. That can only elevate the rankings of your videos and the authority of your own Youtube channel.

You can obtain the details on Social Viewer ,as well as the basics of using video marketing in this recording of an interview Colin did with Mark Harbert, the “Nicest Guy in the Online Video Marketing Space” .

Watch the video at

Video Marketing

Mark just happens to be the co-author of Tube Traffic Mojo, the premier video marketing training course which I highly recommend. Before I took that course I struggled to get traffic and leads to my business opportunities, but I now generate leads on a daily basis. People now come to me rather than me chasing them! And the best part is it’s paying off in increased sales.

If you don’t use video marketing yet, I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to get started. You’ll be leaving money on the table… actually flushing it down the toilet… like I did for a long time. But I invested in the course, followed the detailed step by step process and launched my video marketing program! Mark and his partner Frank “The Bluesman of MLM” Marino have made a fortune by just ranking videos in YouTube and Google!

That’s my goal too. What about you? I recommend that you  get started with video marketing right away. Get in touch if you want help.


To your success!

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