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Re-purpose Your Content

How To Consistently Create Valuable Online Content Without Getting Overwhelmed.

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Re-purpose Online Content

Creating interesting and valuable content on a regular basis for your website, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, and your article inventory is a massive undertaking. How do you keep up without outsourcing and spending a bunch of cash if you are on a budget? Or how do you accomplish that and make sure the material is really reflective of who you are?

What if you could create a piece of online content once and turn it into several pieces in no time? If you did that you could easily squeeze more value out of whatever you create. All without spending so much time that you have none left for other important activities. That leads to frustration, overload and very often, abandoning the project you are working on.

Let’s say you wrote an article or post for your blog. Once that’s done you can then re-purpose that content and turn it into posts for social media, a video, a podcast, a downloadable pdf report or even a printed document. Here are five ways you can reuse that article and get way more bang for your efforts.

Online Content Social Media

Write informative tweets (Twitter), posts (Facebook and Google+, Pinterest) based on the information in your article. Create a meme using a motivating, inspiring, or engaging quote from your article by adding it to a relevant, meaningful image.

Hop on over to Youzign and you’ll be able to do that with ease.

Online Content Video

You can create a Quickie video by first transposing your article to an audio recording by reading your article out loud. The audio generator found in the Windows Accessories on your computer works just fine. Then either select an interesting and relevant image or series of images and create a video using Windows Movie Maker.  On a Mac you can use iMovie. You can then attach the audio file and presto! You have a video.

If your video uses an interesting, relevant and eye catching image and your content is providing useful information, it will get shared. You will build your brand and audience.

One more thing here. If you create videos as your preferred content production method you can very easily download the audio from the video and create a podcast as discussed below. To do that, after you have uploaded the video to your Youtube channel, just go to There follow the directions to create and download the audio track as an mp3 file.


Now that you already have an audio recording you can turn your article or post into a podcast. You can upload it or a series of audio files to sites like It’s free, quick ad easy. And with mixcloud you can share the podcast to social media with the click of a button. Putting a link to your website or to a relevant offer in the description is a great way to build your list and expose people to your offers.

Ebooks and Reports

You can transform your online content like articles into downloadable PDF files in the form of an ebook or report, depending on the article. This can be really easily done because there are WordPress plugins. Some allow visitors to your blog to download your articles or posts in pdf format with just the click of a mouse.

You can also leverage this by telling your readers in your social media posts that they can download the full article by visiting your website. Or you can also choose to sell your PDF or offer it as a bonus for purchasing another product or just for opting into your list. Powerful don’t you think?


If you own a brick-and-mortar business, make your online content of various kinds, particularly posts and articles, readily available in your store or waiting room. Your visitors or potential clients will be impressed when they see how professional and knowledgeable you are. You’ll get great mileage by exposing them to your interesting and thoughtful articles.

Make sure these are relevant to your business or of universal interest. Putting articles about washing machines in a flooring outlet wouldn’t just wouldn’t cut it!

If you have a pdf generator on your website as discussed above, the process of re-purposing your online content is really simple. Just download and print your own articles. And if you publish your articles in places like Ezinearticles ( they have a quick and easy “print this article button” as well.

So there you go! One piece of quality content turned into five that have the potential to increase your reach and influence by 400%. Business is all about attraction and relationships so the more good stuff in the form of re-purposed online content you get out the better. You’ll reach a bigger the audience and it will be more likely you can find the right people for what you have to offer.

So get in the habit of multi-purposing your content as you create new, fresh content! And go back and re-purpose your old content in this way as well. It will pay dividends and keep you from overwhelm, frustration and giving up!

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