Prime Recruiting Season

SummerTime and the Livin is Easy

Hey I hope you’re familiar with that lovely tune. If not here’s a rendition by Willie Nelson. I couldn’t help but recall that summertime song when I thought about the summer period now upon us and the upcoming prime recruiting season. Here’s why.

Recruiting Season


As we roll into the middle of June I remember fondly the awesome summer vacations we had at Gramma and Grandpa’s out on the farm east of Edmonton. Or at Gramma’s at the homestead with the big log house and barn out west of Edmonton along the banks of the Pembina River. Those 60 days or so were filled with unforgettable wonder and adventure.

We chucked our shoes and shirts and had to go find them at the end of the summer. Running through the mud, grass and sphagnum bog in barefeet is something you just couldn’t experience in the little prairie town in Southern Alberta where we lived the other 10 months of the year.

Summertime as a kid was pretty carefree and served to charge our batteries for the next school year. It also gave us life lessons no classroom or teacher could ever provide. I’d say it was just as important as all the formal schooling we got during the rest of the year.

Set Up For The Prime Recruiting Season

And that brings me to the importance of the summer time for you and me as business owners. It’s not a time for us to be focused on the free and easy livin lifestyle that most people succumb to. In fact the 100 or thereabouts days from the end of May to early September is as important to your business success as other 265 days combined!

That’s because the beginning of the next Prime Recruiting Season for any business, particularly network marketing ones starts on around September 5. Those three months of June, July and August is when you have to be priming the pump or recharging your recruiting system to take maximum advantage of the upswing in recruiting success that begins in early September.

And keeping the pedal to the metal isn’t going to be easy. There are tons of distractions to deal with. The kids are out of school and everyone, including you and me will want to take advantage of the long, warm days and indulge in recreational activities only available in summer. It will only be too easy to let up, relax and let everything slide as far as your business goes… especially if you’re a part-timer.

BUT, every successful leader I’ve ever talked to or read, has had the identical message. “You have to push hard through the ‘hazy, lazy days of summer’. You need to fill the pipeline so that when September rolls around you have a huge head start on the prime recruiting season.

You’ll Have A Head Start On Recruiting

You’ll be starting near the crest of the hill, rather than at the bottom. And the results will show up in the growth of your business and in the commissions checks that you’ll start to see roll in during September through November and beyond. That prime recruiting season will set you up for success.

You put in the time and effort during those three late spring and summer months and you’ll see the results reflected in your income in month five. And that check will just continue to grow. Once you establish the habit of working your business consistently and persistently year round, including those times when everyone else is slacking off, you’ll see the success you’ve always wanted.

You can enjoy your summer. You don’t have to become an anti-social curmudgeon. But you do need to focus on consistent action to fill your pipeline. Don’t let up on your business.

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May The Power Be Yours,

Prime Recruiting Season


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