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Powerful Article Marketing Strategy for Traffic and Leads

An Article Marketing Strategy Begins with Great Content.

The rules for writing your content are the same whether you are creating articles for submission to an article marketing service or for posting on your own blog or web site. That principle should be foremost in your mind as you prepare your article marketing strategy.

So let’s talk about some of the important things you need to consider to make sure your article marketing strategy produces the results you want. Obviously you want your articles to rank in search engine results pages, preferably in the number 1 spot on page one of Google. Generating traffic, leads and sales will be your goals.

 Article Marketing Strategy Step 1- Keywords

Probably the most important feature of any article marketing strategy is getting the keywords right. Unless you spend some time doing keyword research the time and expense you invest in creating content and publishing it online will be a complete waste of time.

Before you even think about writing an article or blog post determine what your purpose for the piece is. For instance you may want to attract people to an affiliate product you are selling online. So you need to get those people to your offer.

Article Marketing Strategy KeywordsTo do that you have to figure out what they are typing into their browsers when they go online to do a search. What they type into the search bar are keywords or key phrases. As an example, if someone is searching for a weight loss product they will type “how can I lose 10 pounds” or ” how can I lose 10 pounds fast”, into their browser’s search bar. Those are keyword phrases.

It is essential for you to include in your article the specific words or phrases people are using so Google or other search engines will direct people to it. In that way people will find your content giving you internet traffic; in other words you’ll get site visitors. That is the first objective of your article marketing strategy.

Now, if your article is pertinent to losing weight they may click on the link to your product and you can make a sale. That is the ultimate objective of the article marketing strategy you have designed.

I’m sure you see that each and every keyword ought to be carefully chosen through the research you do. Google provides a free Keyword Planner tool to help you perform that important task. You will want to learn how to use that tool to make your marketing pay off.

Article Marketing Strategy Step 2- Assess the Competition

Determining how much competition there is for the keywords and keyword phrases you will use is another important element of a good article marketing strategy. You must carry out some extra analysis to find out how many other marketers are using the same phrases and the kinds of websites they are posting on.

The Keyword Planner Tool will give you information on the competition from low to medium to high. It will also tell you what you could expect to pay per click if you were doing paid advertising. The higher the cost, the greater the competition.

A good strategy is to select relevant keywords with fairly high monthly searches (say 1000+) and low to medium competition. To refine this beyond that you’ll need some advanced software like Market Samurai.

In the long run that would be a good investment. You need to know if you can possibly compete with the best websites that may be utilizing the same keyword phrases that you are.

Article Marketing Strategy Step 3- Create Your Article

Now that you have selected your main keyword it’s simply a matter of writing an article around it. If you have chosen well the article will be fully related to the product or opportunity that you are hoping to sell.

This is very important. If your content does not match the subject as represented by the keyword phrase, your article will not rank and you won’t get traffic, leads or sales. Not only that, even if you do get eyeballs on the material, they will leave quickly because it won’t be relevant to what they were looking for.

If you are inexperienced or just don’t enjoy writing,  an excellent strategy to use is browse through several of the best rated articles in article directories like, or similar high quality sites.

You’ll be able to see how good articles are constructed, and see precisely how they encourage a reader to read the entire copy, including the all important author bio in the resource box at the end of the page.

Article Construction

The basic organization of the article includes a title, summary, body copy and resource box. Summary and body copy are self explanatory. The resource box is where you as the author get to tell readers a little about your self. It is also where you insert a link to your offer or website.

Title and Summary

Your title should be descriptive and include your keyword or keyword phrase. The summary is a short excerpt describing what your article is about. It too should include your keyword. It should include a headline that grabs the readers’ attention.

Article Body

The body of your article should consist of a series of short, narrow paragraphs separated by white space. You should keep it simple. Use short sentences and avoid complex expressions that may confuse your readers. This type of organization will be easy to read and draw your readers’ eyes down the page with ease.

Use eye-catching headlines and bullet points.

  • Most folks skim an article at first. They will be trying to see if it is likely to contain information about the issue they are trying to resolve. That could be as simple as finding a product or as complicated as discovering a way to make money fast online.
  • If the specific keyword phrases and expressions you have used match what they seek, they will stop and read your full article. The headlines on your page should be short, include keywords and stand out. This will maintain your readers’ attention and encourage them to read on. They should signal the material is related to the readers’ interest.
  •  Bullet point lists also draw attention and make the article easy to read. Use them where appropriate. You can pack a lot of information into an itemized list that is easy to read and very informative.

Insert Your Keywords

You should use your keywords once at the beginning of your article, quite a few times in the principal body of the text and once more in the last sentence. One keyword per 100 words is a minimum density. Be sure not to go overboard. Keyword stuffing will get you penalized by the search engines.

Including your keywords and emphasizing them will tell your visitors that the article is about the issue they are researching. When you make your article informative and beneficial, AND clearly related to their problem, your reader will go to the bottom of the page where the resource box is located.

Caution: DO NOT insert links to your offer or opportunity in the body of your article. It will not be accepted if you do. Your links go in the Resource Box (see below).

 The Resource Box

Article Marketing Strategy Resource BoxWithin the resource box you put a call to action, encouraging the reader to click your link for further information. The link should take them to your lead capture page or directly to a sales page. Most places where you can publish your articles do not accept direct links to affiliate offers, so be careful.

However, this is the payoff part of your article marketing strategy. You get to blow your own horn! You will either collect the readers’ contact information and build your list, or make a sale, or both.

When you’ve written a few articles you’ll find it does get easier. Analyze your stats occasionally and see which articles are acquiring the most readers. That way you’ll be able to write further articles in that style.

Article Marketing Strategy Step 4- Reuse Content

When you have finished your article you can rewrite it manually or spin it using a software program. The reason for rewriting them is to ensure that every article is different from all others. You can then submit it to hundreds of other article marketing directories.

This is really a critical part of your article marketing strategy. Google will only index one copy of an article and ignore the rest. So you need to make sure each one you submit is unique.

So that’s an article marketing strategy in a nutshell.  Article marketing is just one strategy I use in my business. There’s tools and training for it and many others inside.  Start with an awesome Blogging Program.

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