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Nature's Greatest Miracle

Nature’s Greatest Miracle

He Knows He Is Nature’s Greatest Miracle I’ve had the pleasure of watching The King of The Castle, otherwise known as The Little General, in my backyard for the past two or three weeks. He’s a diminutive fellow but a huge presence; he has no doubt he’s nature’s greatest miracle. He’s a male house sparrow who guards […]

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Power of Positive Mental Attitude

A Positive Mental Attitude Does Wonders So I posted in my Master Key Blog about a positive mental attitude and the effect of greeting each day with love in my heart. I wanted to share those thoughts here too. The love in my heart bit maybe sounds a little mushy for the old biologist turned […]

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Conversions scarcity

Conversions Are Scarcity Driven Like It Or Not

How Are Your Landing Page Conversions? If they aren’t what you’d like, check this out! See what still drives people to take action and some awesome examples from the past. Improve your conversions immeasurably! Let me know what you think! You work hard to get people to your website. The last thing you want is for […]

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mlm objections twfb

MLM Objections Are Not What They Seem

Why Dealing With Apparent MLM Objections Is Nonsense How many times have you had to deal with mlm objections from prospects who said they were absolutely fired up about firing the boss and launching their own company? If you’ve been around for a while the answer will be “lots”. But when you get right down to signing […]

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Neil Patel Ideas

Neil Patel Delivers High Quality Content

Why You Should Follow Neil Patel Neil Patel delivers high quality, focused content that’s a must read for online marketers. Since the middle of September 2015 I have been on Neil’s list and have saved the links to over 60 blog posts and articles. None of these are quick little blurbs; each is a major piece […]

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Making New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Why Do Most New Years Resolutions Get Abandoned It’s that time of year. We’ve just come through what for most people is a joy filled week or two and are now into the navel gazing and planning phase for the New Year that’s upon us. It’s New Years Resolutions time. A whole lot of people […]

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Heal with visualization

Visualization Key Performance Tool

Visualization of Your Goal Key to Success In a previous post I talked about the fundamental importance of having a very clear picture of what you want in life and a burning desire to attain it. Without that I suggested all the tools, systems and strategies in the world would not help. Hence the topic […]

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Affiliate Marketing Targets

Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing Strategies Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business. However, there are some rules you need observe or you may make no money or you’ll lose your shirt. There are two basic approaches favoured by people who launch an affiliate marketing business. Affiliate Marketing Strategy 1 The first is what I call the “shoot from […]

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Online Marketing Success Requires Action

Hidden Secret For Achievement Of Any Goal

Is Massive Action the Secret For Achievement? There’s ONE huge secret for achievement or making money online that eludes 99% of people. And it’s not what most of the so called “Marketing Gurus” would have you believe. Here’s what they’ll tell you and as a matter of fact, what I will advise as well, BUT ONLY after you understand […]

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Neil Patel Content marketing

Blogging Top Three Issues

Top Three Obstacles To Successful Blogging Blogging can be your ticket to success with internet marketing. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your name and your product in front of the right people. But it does come with its challenges which can sabotage your success unless you know how to handle […]

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