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Online Marketing Success Requires Action

Hidden Secret For Achievement Of Any Goal

Is Massive Action the Secret For Achievement? There’s ONE huge secret for achievement or making money online that eludes 99% of people. And it’s not what most of the so called “Marketing Gurus” would have you believe. Here’s what they’ll tell you and as a matter of fact, what I will advise as well, BUT ONLY after you understand […]

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Neil Patel Content marketing

Blogging Top Three Issues

Top Three Obstacles To Successful Blogging Blogging can be your ticket to success with internet marketing. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your name and your product in front of the right people. But it does come with its challenges which can sabotage your success unless you know how to handle […]

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Stop Smoking Master Key

Week 7 – Major Breakthrough!

Mind Power Three weeks ago I related to you the experience I had while sitting and seeking The Silence as Haanel instructs. In that session it abruptly occurred to me that “I must not promise, even to myself alone, that I will do something unless I fully intend to honour that promise”. I had been […]

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Week 6 – Love In My Heart

What a mantra and I saw evidence of it all around me today. The beautiful young lady at the pizza shop, taking orders on the phone with a shining smile for the unseen but undoubtedly aware customer was one. That smile came from within. And as I described this to my wife she related a similar […]

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Wordpress Security

WordPress Security

If you have been online with a website of any kind for a while you may already know that there are a lot of bad guys out there trying to hack into your website.

Maybe you’ve discovered that the hard way and had a mess to deal with. If so you are in the company of many just like you, because 46% of Wordpress users report having been hacked! I am in that category and had to learn the hard way to protect my sites. I just received a great message from UpDraftPlus ( which included a detailed document telling us how to protect our Wordpress sites. You can download it from this post.

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Week 5 – Seeking The Silence

I want to direct you to the music of Frederic Delarue which I find helps me as I sit, seeking the Silence and thinking as instructed in each Part of the Master Keys. This particular piece is “Musical Rapture – A Healing Gift for Humankind.”  It can be downloaded at Please read carefully the information […]

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Power Give More Get More

Week 5 – I Become A Slave To Good Habits

As I enter Week 5 of the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance Experience I find the habits I am cultivating grow stronger. This week has been very busy and I’m pressed to keep up with all I must do to keep my promises. That’s because I promised to take my son waterfowl and upland game […]

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I can be what I will to be

Week 4 – The Sun Centre Opens

Discover The “I” – The Pieces Begin To Come Together This Week 4 is full to the brim. I am spending more time with the Master Keys than I anticipated. But what can be more important than discovering my true self and defining, and then working on the world within to realize my Definite Major […]

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Cause and Effect

Week 3 Listen To That Gut Feeling

The Physical Reality I bet everyone has that “gut feeling” about something or someone; meaning they just know something is right or wrong, or someone they’ve just met is, say, not what they seem. That’s often called intuition and it’s highly developed in some people. In scientific terms that’s evidence of the connection between the […]

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The Subcoscious Mind Seat of Genius

Week 2 – The Seat Of Genius

The Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius I now begin to more fully appreciate the wonderful power of the subconscious mind, “that mysterious source that never sleeps”. It is generally agreed that most humans use perhaps 5% of the incredible capacity of the mind, and that the ultimate potential of the mind is infinite. If we […]

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