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PPN Subconscious

Personal Pivotal Needs And The Mighty Subconscious MKMMA Week 2-3

New Perspectives On The Subconscious And Oxygen For Your Soul This being the third time around for me with the Master Key Experience, I checked back to see what caught my attention the first two times. The first session I wrote The Subconscious Mind Is The Seat Of Genius because I was so taken by […]

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Master Key Experience Week 1-3

Master Key Experience Week 1-3 The Journey Begins

The excitement is palpable as a new cohort of adventurers launch themselves into the unknown. Master Key Experience Week 1 begins anew for them. For me it’s the third time around. It began in September 2015 and continued through September 2016 when a new session began. I’ve now come full circle again. I now have […]

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Your Future Not Chance

Your Future Should Not Be Left To Chance

Your Future – Are You In Control? Have you given any thought to what you really want more of in your life? Most people focus their thoughts on the things they don’t want. And thereby end up getting more of the same. What about your future? What are you thinking about? The average person worries […]

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Your Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts You Own Are Valuable Only If Shared

Discover Your Unique Gifts It’s a fact. You are unique. Right down to the smallest detail of your physical, mental and spiritual makeup. Nobody has the same fingerprint, exact same facial print, or same eye print. Nobody thinks exactly like you. And no one has feelings exactly like yours. Your genetic makeup is unique. As […]

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Income Source

Income Source Should Be Diversified

I just read an interesting statistic from Tracy Biller. He says a new survey just came out that indicates 78% of employees live pay check to pay check. Their income source is not enough for them to build a reserve.

On top of that the average credit card debt in the United States is about $15,000 or $21,000.00 Canadian. That’s a major issue in itself. And now consider it takes the average employee about 6 months to earn enought o pay his or her taxes. It’s little wonder that 96% lie in bed at night worrying about their financial future.

The fact is most people have all their eggs in one basket. So what’s the solution? Read on…..

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Selling Not Only About Dollars

Selling Not Just About Dollars

“The better portion of all sales I have made were after people said ‘no’.” (Napoleon Hill). That’s probably true of all sales made by anyone regardless of age, gender or way of life. Have you considered the fact everyone is selling something to someone all the time? It’s true.

Who did you think of when you read that line? Like most people I thought of sales people; those who sell products or services for a living. I’m guessing you did too. But really the concept applies to anyone.

We are constantly in the business or at least the process, of selling something. It could be we want to sell the idea we must have that new car, or new appliance to our spouse. We may sell the idea it’s in our son’s or daughter’s very best interest that they get their homework done correctly and on time. How well we sell those ideas depends on how persuasive and convincing we are in describing the benefits of doing what we are trying to get them to accept.

But what are we REALLY selling?

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Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men

What Might Have Been I just recently discovered that one of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s mentors was Wordsworth. That perhaps explains some of the poetry in Emerson’s writing as well as the sometimes incomprehensibility to mere mortals like me.  His of mice and men quote caught my attention recently. It’s no wonder thoughts attributed to Wordsworth […]

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Desire And A Positive Mental Attitude Equals Success

Just Know What You Want Desire is knowing what you want and feeling it in the depths of your Solar Plexus. Samuel B Fuller was an American entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings. His mother taught him they were not poor because God wanted them to be so; rather they were poor because nobody had […]

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Written Word

Power Of The Written Word

The Written Word Has An Invincible Power To Create We all know words we speak can be interpreted in different ways depending on exactly how we say the words. The written word can sometimes express something different than the actual words themselves. Our tone of voice and volume can modify how the words are interpreted […]

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An Easy Way To Make Money

Is Network Marketing An Easy Way To Make Money

Looking For An Easy Way To Make Money Yeah everybody hopes they will be able to easily make a bunch of money with a home business. Well that’s partly because a lot of people in the recruiting game have told them network marketing is an easy way to make money. You know the story I’m sure. […]

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