Number 1 Productivity Tool

The Number 1 Productivity Tool

According to my friend Andrew Draughon, Editor in Chief at WWN, the number 1 productivity tool is not some high tech piece of software or system that magically organizes you and your day.

Nope it’s actually something really simple that anyone can do in as little as two minutes per day. The best part is that it’s applicable to any business, or to any goals you’ve established for your personal or business life.

What Kills Productivity?

There are any number of things that can ruin your day and get you off track so you end up at the end of the day feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything at all. There are some key things you can do during the day to keep yourself on track but it’s often a losing battle.

Not having a clear set of goals for the day, which you have written down and have in front of you is a major one. Then there are distractions like the phone, Facebook, Skype, and the ton of stuff in your email that wants to drag you off to webinars, the latest, greatest tools for your business, or the next best opportunity to make money online.

Something that I struggle with are the technical challenges everyone runs into that can annoy and even prevent you from succeeding at accomplishing a goal. The most important effect of the resulting failure is frustration and the negative mindset it produces.

I’m working from home, but if you are working at a job, surrounded by coworkers, their negative attitudes or comments can have the same effect on your attitude as that annoying tech issue. The result can be the same and you end up focusing on what’s not working, rather than on what is. Your productivity or ability to get your work done is almost certainly going to be affected.

The Simple Productivity Booster

Productivity Jouranl

Boost Productivity

So what’s this simple tool? Well it’s actually not new. It’s something Mark Hoverson introduced me to years ago. But recently a study by Teresa Amabilie at Harvard Business School has provided some scientific evidence that it really is effective.

It’s a simple tool that will boost your motivation and increase your productivity. It’s called journalling. Yes, just the simple act of consistently taking a few minutes every day to jot down what happened during your day, can have a significant effect on your ability to get things done.

But there are couple of provisos. One is that you have to do it every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

And the second is that you must record your successes, however minor.

If you do these things consistently and actually celebrate your success by focusing on them, your attitude will change.  You’ll be less affected by the distractions and negative goings on around you, and you’ll become better able to get done what needs doing.

So get yourself a nice notebook (maybe even a nice leather bound journal) and commit to writing in it every day without fail. Keep this up for 90 days. You will establish a superb, inspiring habit that will boost your productivity for the rest of your life.

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