Making New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Why Do Most New Years Resolutions Get Abandoned

new years resolutions 2It’s that time of year. We’ve just come through what for most people is a joy filled week or two and are now into the navel gazing and planning phase for the New Year that’s upon us. It’s New Years Resolutions time.

A whole lot of people are into making resolutions to lose those 25 pounds, quit smoking, be more organized or hundreds of other things that they’d like to change about themselves or their circumstances. Many have made the same resolutions more than once.

Most New Years Resolutions Never Come To pass

Most never come to pass. There’s a consistent effort for a week or two but then life gets in the way and things are allowed to slip a bit. And finally most folks just forget about it. It’s easier that way. What they don’t realize is they’ve just set themselves up for failure next time around. It becomes a habit.

Changing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does the preparation for changing yourself or your habits. Deciding you’ll make some significant change on New Years Eve or Day is kinda of a “on the spur of the moment” approach. That won’t work.

You have to give it some thought and prepare yourself because changing your situation or your habits requires that you change your mind and influence your subconscious mind so that the new habit or condition you desire becomes automatic and effortless. Getting there takes some real hard work.

Go Beyond The New Years Resolutions And Create A Completely New You

Here’s the deal. If everything in your life was exactly like you want it there would be no need for New Years Resolutions. If you are constantly making and breaking those resolutions it’s time to sit back and really think about what you want in life.

That is something most people never do and is the main reason most people who set what they think are reasonable goals are not able to attain them. But it’s essential.

The sad part is that even the people who are diligent about setting goals, start from the wrong end of the process. Despite doing all the hard work they are told is necessary by the all you gotta do is “take massive action” crowd, they still don’t succeed.

There Are No Quick Fixes

There are no quick fixes but I have a gift for you from Earl Nightingale (Nightingale Connant) called The Strangest Secret. Earl is the “father” of the modern Personal Development Industry and this famous audio recording is classic.

It can be summed up with “You become what you think about” and “to be successful you must be prepared to pay the price.”

It packs so much wisdom about personal development and success into about 40 minutes that it covers the important concepts found in every so called “self help” book ever written. Listen to it right here.

Earl reveals the Secret to Success in any venture.

And he explains how it works.

Once you’ve listened to it, you will be very wise to undertake the Thirty Day Exercise that Earl outlines toward the end of the audio. Your results will be in direct proportion to the effort you put forth.

Follow the Five Steps Earl outlines exactly. They are very clearly stated and explained in the recording. I summarize them below for clarity.

  • Understand we become what we think about. You must control your thoughts, both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Throw aside all things that fetter your mind and realize that any limitations placed on what you can accomplish are self imposed.
  • Courageously set clearly defined goals and refuse to believe there are any circumstances or situations that can prevent you from attaining what you desire.
  • Save 10% of every Dollar you earn.
  • Take action. Nothing happens unless you apply your knowledge and make a consistent effort. Be prepared to pay the price.

And whatever you do be sure to take these two key actions:

  • Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Be very specific. Give this a good deal of thought. And look at this card several times per day. You must become what you think about so think about what
    you want.
  • Stop thinking about what you fear. Replace thoughts of fear or want with what’s on your goal card. Control your mind, give more than is required and keep a positive mental attitude. You reap what you sow.

If you follow Earl’s advice and listen to this audio every day, perhaps even more than once per day for 30 days, you will be well on your way to forming good habits which will serve you very well.

Attaining any goal you desire will be easier.

You may not succeed in persisting for the full 30 days the first time out. If not, start over and run the exercise for another 30 days.

Click here to follow my progress as I Discover My Inner Self and undertake a Complete Make Over.

If you persist you will succeed.

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P.S. Don’t waste time with resolutions. Change your MIND and change your Life.

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