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An Alternative To New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions 2018New Years Resolutions 2018A new year is upon us. For those who take the Master Key Experience (MKE) seriously and have been faithful to the reading, exercises and special assignmnets, the idea that it’s time for New Years Resolutions is antiquated.

We know these traditional promises to lose weight, get better grades, quit smoking and on and on are useless. Without a real understanding of how you can control your thoughts and therefore your circumstances, all the resolutions in the world are worth about what the paper this can be printed on.

So let’s start with a renewed determination to strengthen the four tiny habits that lead to astounding achievement. You know what they are. If you are an MKE Member you will have observed how they played out in any of the movies you were to have watched over the Christmas break. To refresh your memory they are:

  1. A definite major purpose backed by a burning desire for its achievement
  2. A definite plan expressed in continuous action.
  3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances
  4. A friendly Master Mind Alliance with one or more persons who will encourage you to follow through on both plan and purpose.

This is the formula for success because it establishes a persistent drive to attainment of excellence and the purpose on which your mind and actions are concentrated. But there are a number of other habits you can incorporate into your life that will go far in achieving your goals and making this New Year and all that follow abundantly successful. If your New Years Resolutions exercise consists of forming these habits you’ll go far.

Other Worthy Habits

5. Examine what worked and what didn’t work this past year. Don’t dwell on the things that were not successful. Just don’t keep doing them. But celebrate successes and repeat what worked. Forget what didn’t. What you pay attention to grows, what you forget atrophies, without exception.

6. Give your very best in all situations. Doing the best you can “under the circumstances” is just not good enough. Look at the guy or the gal in the glass every day and remember “you can fool the whole world down the pathway of years and get pats on the back as you pass, but your final reward will be heart aches and tears if you’ve cheated the guy or the gal in the glass”.

7. Stick to the plan and always ask yourself “what would the person I intend to become do next?” Compare yourself and your progress to none other. There’s always the temptation to deviate from your purpose or the powerful habits you’ve developed because other people seem to be having success in other ways. Remember to carry that compass and live by it rather than the clock. Have that magnifying glass always handy and when your attention wanders from your purpose, get refocused.

8. Take complete responsibility for your situation. Your past thoughts are what you are. The people, places and things that influenced your thinking helped create your current circumstances. Just recognize and believe that if your thoughts created your current reality, they will continue to do so. The good thing is there’s one thing in your life over which you have complete control; the thoughts on which you permit your mind to dwell. Concentrate on what you truly want and let no thoughts of what you are afraid of enter your mind. Fill your mind with positive purpose and no space is available for fear and lack.

What Would The Person You Intend to Become Do Next

9. You know what you want. You know how to get it. Apply your knowledge by taking action. Get in motion but always toward your deepest desires. You don’t need to wait until you have the perfect blueprint. People, methods and resources have a habit of appearing at the right time and in the right place if you have the first four habits going for you. They make the practice of making New Years Resolutions completely unnecessary.  And they have the added power of preventing you from constantly failing to persist and thus dooming yourself to absolute, ignominious failure.

10. Everything begins with a thought and a burning, insatiable desire for attainment of it’s object. But you have to be in motion or you’ll miss what the Universe offers. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open and you’ll recognize what will serve you. Seek The Silence often and listen for the quiet whispers of intuition that will guide you. The sudden, thunderous flash of insight of an Archimedes or Einstein are the exception. And all such revelations are the spiritual fruits of absolute silence.

11. Learn to love (accept) all people regardless of their faults or differences. That does not mean you need accept or condone reprehensible actions of those people. However, a negative attitude toward others as fellow beings can never bring anyone success. Make a habit of giving a smile, a friendly good day or even a silent wish for joy, kindness and love to all people you encounter. Make a habit of giving without expectation of reciprocity to those whose lives you touch and be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround you, pausing often to notice nature, kindness, smiles and compliments. Receive them with gratitude and know that you are always in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.

12. Love yourself and treat your body like the Temple of the Living God it is. Zealously guard what you allow into your mind, your heart and your body. Above all think good thoughts of abundance and harmony. Seek happiness and harmony. Do what you love to do. You’ll find a way. There’s no other path to happiness.

The Law Of Giving and Receiving

13. Give generously. The universe works in mysterious ways. The more you give, the more you get. Give of your talents, your resources, your time, and energy. It’s not all about giving money away, especially when you have none.

  • Think about what you can give that will help others. It might be giving your time to someone that needs it. Know anyone who is hurting? If you have a network marketing business could you give extra help to your team members or even someone not in you group.
  • You might give back to your community, give more attention to your kids or give someone you love some extra special attention. Or maybe give away some stuff you keep holding onto. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
  • Go the extra mile and always give more than someone expects of you, whether it’s business or personal. And don’t forget yourself. Give yourself a good workout every day and give your brain a good book.

Seek always to discover reasons to applaud and when tempted to criticize, bite down hard on your tongue. Celebrate your own successes, however small, everyday single day.

Have an Awesome 2018

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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