Nature's Greatest Miracle

Nature’s Greatest Miracle

He Knows He Is Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Little General Nature's Greatest MiracleI’ve had the pleasure of watching The King of The Castle, otherwise known as The Little General, in my backyard for the past two or three weeks. He’s a diminutive fellow but a huge presence; he has no doubt he’s nature’s greatest miracle.
He’s a male house sparrow who guards the back yard from all comers, strutting his stuff for all to see. He has a purpose. He has absolutely no doubts about what he is and what he is here to accomplish. He just is and does.

He runs off intruding males and even females of his species, and anything else with the temerity to intrude on his space.

He displays and calls his lady to him in the morning when she’s busy laying eggs. She arrives, requiring another deposit of sperm for her next egg. He obliges, without hesitation, and several times to be sure he gets it right.

As I watch this little drama unfolding before me I cannot help but think all that I see is but a series of miracles. They have no hangups or preconceived ideas to hold them back from fulfilling their purposes in life. What the neighbors do or think is of no consequence. They are what the Universe means them to be.

That is in itself one of nature’s greatest miracles. The most brilliant mind of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein, would surely have considered this little guy nature’s greatest miracle, or as much a miracle as any other thing in nature.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Realize You Are Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we humans could all be as sure of our purpose and our unique value as those engaging little birds? Wouldn’t it also be great if we could just confidently and spontaneously be our true selves, free of the influences and constraints imposed by people and circumstances around us?

Just like the Little General in my back yard.

I smile and feel pleasure when I see him flit to his post on the trimmings from the apple tree I’ve been required to leave alone because he and his lady have claimed them as their own.

Og Mandino, in The Scroll Marked IV (The Greatest Salesman In The World) expresses what I’m thinking when he says “I am nature’s greatest miracle.” We are unique creatures. We may be similar to other people, and even to other members of the animal kingdom, but no two of us are alike.

We are all miracles of nature, each with an individual purpose for being. For some the path to their true purpose in life is clear early on and they head straight to it as confidently as my sparrow friend.

For most of us the realization of our life’s goals is a journey of heroic proportions. For one thing we don’t recognize our own strengths. As Mandino says, “Only a small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of my muscle do I flex.”

With an understanding of the unlimited potential we have and our natural tendency to do more and be more, we constantly strive to exceed our past accomplishments. The Law of Growth is always in operation.

We all have a clear, unique purpose, just like those little sparrows. We just need the same undeniable faith to move in the same inexorable fashion toward its attainment, as that demonstrated by the Little General in my backyard.

If you know you can, you’re right.

If you think you can’t, you’re also right.

Same in business as in life.

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Nature's Greatest Miracle Terrence Neraasen


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