Nature's Greatest Miracle

Nature’s Greatest Miracle In My Backyard

Look And You Will Find Nature’s Greatest Miracle Everywhere

Nature's Greatest MiracleMy backyard has been alive with bird life this Spring. It’s been quite amusing and even exciting to watch “The Little General“, who just knows he’s nature’s greatest miracle. He’s not big but he casts a big shadow.

I wrote about this elsewhere but I wanted to be sure my readers here get this story because I think it’s neat.

The Little General is a male sparrow who has dominion over part of the back yard and defends his territory from all intruders. He’s ever watchful from his perch on the fence or the tongue of the trailer.

He has a definite purpose. It is very clear to me there is no question in his being about what he is and what he is here to accomplish. Like much of the natural world, he just IS. .

Early on I would see him on one of his favourite perches, displaying and calling his lady to him in the morning when she’s busy in the egg laying process.

Soon she appears and they flit about in what appears to be an excited greeting. But it’s all part of the mating ritual. She needs a new batch of sperm for her next egg. They move to the cuttings from the apple tree I placed there earlier.

He quickly mounts and provides the required insemination, several times just to make sure. After a few shakes and preens she’s off to wherever the nest is. He resumes his sentry duty, putting the run on anything that shouldn’t be there, especially other birds.

Consider Everything a Miracle

I watch in wonder although I’ve seen this and other similar little dramas unfold over the years. What I see I consider nothing less than a series of miracles. Year in and year out these little beasts fulfill their purpose with what seems unerring faith in both their ability to perform and their purpose for being.

They are oblivious to the myriad activities and things around them that have no bearing on their ability to do what they instinctively know is their purpose. Unlike people, they could care less about what the neighbors think, have or do. They are simply what the Universe means them to be.

I can’t help thinking it would be fantastic if people could be as sure of their purpose and their individuality as are those delightful little birds. Or how much happier and productive we could be if we could just be our true selves, free of the influences and constraints imposed by people and circumstances around us.

Just like the Little General and his Lady in my back yard. I look for him in the morning and smile with pleasure when I see him flit to his post. Lately his lady has come infrequently and only for a quick visit.

She’s obviously incubating. I suspect the little brown birds I’ve been seeing the last few days are actually their hatchlings and maybe those of other pairs from elsewhere in the vicinity. Each one of them should have no doubt they too, are nature’s greatest miracle.

Find Nature’s Greatest Miracle Within

All of this reminds me of Og Mandino and The Scroll Marked IV in “The Greatest Salesman In The World”. He expresses what I’m thinking when he says “I am nature’s greatest miracle“, meaning we are all unique creatures. No two of us are exactly the same; we have infinite potential and expression of that potential makes each of us an unparalleled miracle of nature.

Each has a unique purpose for being. The nature of, and path to their true purpose in life is clear early on for some; they head straight to it as confidently as my sparrow friend.

The attainment of our life’s goals is a journey of heroic proportions for most of us. Partly this is because we don’t recognize our own strengths and unique gifts. As Mandino says, “Only a small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of my muscle do I flex.”

Combine that with confusion about our true desires or purpose in life, and you have the struggle most of us must undertake to find them; the classic hero’s journey.

With an understanding of the unlimited potential we have and our natural tendency to do more and be more, we constantly strive to exceed our past accomplishments. The Law of Growth is always in operation.

We all have a clear, unique purpose, just like those little sparrows. We just need the same undeniable faith to move in the same inexorable fashion toward its attainment as that demonstrated by the Little General in my backyard.

If you know you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re also right.

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Nature's Greatest Miracle Terry Neraasen

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