Why I Pay More Than I Should For My Home Insurance and What That Has To Do With Network Marketing

Pretty strange don’t you think? Who in his right mind would pay more for anything if they could get the very same thing for less….

Especially if you’re talking insurance!

Normally I don’t hold insurance companies in very high esteem. You pay big bucks for the slight possibility that something will go drastically wrong because you can’t afford to take the chance of a rare but devastating big hit…

Like if your house went up in smoke and you lost everything.

And then you face the prospect of fighting with the insurance guys for every benefit you were promised.

They look after themselves pretty well.

So why do I knowingly pay more than I should? Here’s the story.

Why I Pay More Than I Could

A few years ago I got a call from my Son with bad news.

“A pipe under the sink broke and flooded three floors of the house. I’m there now sucking up water and cleaning up as best as I can. You better call your insurance company.”

Talk about feeling helpless. We were 800 miles away in Vancouver!  It was 9 PM on Christmas Day. What a gift from the “gods”.

Fortunately we were scheduled to fly home the next day but we were not looking forward to what we would find when we got home.

And when we did get there our worst fears were realized.

Kitchen, dining room, back hall, family room, office spaces and spare rooms on two lower floors seriously water damaged.

Flooring, carpeting and drywall all needing removal and replacement. A huge mess!

Network Marketing and my Home Insurance

Kitchen Ready For Renovation

I called my insurance company expecting a hassle but determined to get them to live up to the contract we had.

At the same time I felt bad in a way, because even though I had never, ever, made a claim, just a few months before I had fired my insurance company of many years and took out a policy with the current one.

So now they were on the hook. Even for an insurance company it didn’t seem fair. But a deal’s a deal.

And they delivered! They had a cleanup and demolition crew at work hours after I called.

And after those folks did their work an adjuster was in quickly to assess all that needed doing to repair damages and we went to work getting contractors in to do the myriad jobs that had to be done.

I was impressed. Everything got done with no argument. A small area of carpet in the dining room was damaged but since the dining room, living room, stairs hallway on the upper level were all carpeted identically, the entire area was replaced. Likewise with the carpets and flooring on the lower floors.

And on it went.

We spent 6 months living in a mess with construction work going on around us. No stove, no fridge, no kitchen cupboards; we lived out of boxes and cooked on camp stoves.

In retrospect we should have rented an apartment. But home is home.

A tremendous disruption and something we never want to experience again!

But the insurance company, the cleanup crews and the contractors did whatever it took to put things right and get us back to a normal life. It took what seemed a lifetime!

But it got done right.

Network Marketing and my Home Insurance

Nearly Back to Normal Kitchen


So even though I know (because I’ve checked it out) that I could get the same coverage for a lot less, I stick with the guys that lived up to expectations and even went above and beyond!

The Network Marketing Connection

But it got me thinking about this “doing whatever it takes” attitude.

Simple things like when you take a trip, you don’t stop in the middle, turn around and go back, just because you’re a little tired from driving.

As it is with most things in life. You generally do whatever it takes to get done what needs doing.

But when it comes to home business, especially internet marketing and network marketing, most people start acting a little funny.

They set their eyes on the prize (freedom and independence), and start the trip with enthusiasm.

Then a few miles (or a few hundred miles) into it, they come to a screeching halt.

“Maybe this whole fin.ancial freedom thing is overrated. I’ll just go back to living a ‘normal’ life.”

I think it’s INSANE and really unfortunate. And all too common.

But actually, there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this “irrational” behavior.

If you haven’t yet, check out this blog post by Ferny Ceballos, someone who is a “real” internet network marketing guru.

He spells out exactly what is sabotaging your business and your success.

AND… how you can blast through this barrier.

You can read the whole thing right here…

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