Hotel MLM Success Stories Plus Billy And The Bearded Seal

MLM Success Stories

Bearded Seal Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

Must have touched a nerve with the last post because I got a few folks telling me about their the MLM hotel meetings tales.  Seems the story I told sounded way too much like their story to be a coincidence! Nobody seems to have had mlm success stories that measured up.

Yeah and quite a few were pretty impressed with the tale of Billy and the Caribou. Got another down the page.

As for the tales of mlm frustration, although I’d not wish that pain on anyone, it’s comforting (if you can call it that) to hear I wasn’t the only one hurting. We do seem to share a similar story.

Network marketing statistics tell the tale; 5% make some money, less than 1% make big money. The mlm success stories you hear at those meetings are about the 1%.

Lots of people seem to think a DIFFERENT MLM deal will produce better results than the one they are currently struggling with. They hope a new company will make all the difference. Just false hope I’m afraid, because it won’t.

Or still others fall for the idea you have to drive up to the mlm hotel meetings in a Lexus or Mercedes and you’ll get people to follow you and sign up. In other words, wait for it, here it comes…. Fake it till you make it!

MLM Success Stories

I bet you’ve heard that a few times. And years of dragging people along to hotel meetings in the hope the mlm success stories told there will induce people to join your business. And ending up with nothing to show worth writing home about eventually wears thin. Looking after grown-up babies gets old fast eh?

And rejection downright Sucks! Right. But your frustration could soon be over.

Imagine a life with no more frustration at hotel meetings, no more handing out flyers, no more three foot rule BS, no more rejection! There is a right way and a wrong way to do this business. I know the right way and also how to add to the mix.

Just a develop a real business and find a bunch of competent pros to work with. You are so close by just being here!

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til next time…

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MLM Success Stories



P.S. Back to Billy and his marksmanship. That shot on the bull caribou was nothing compared to what I saw him do on a bearded seal later that summer.

It was a cold, wet summer that year so the pack ice never got more than 20 miles off shore from the mouth of the Anderson River where the research station was located. So when my supervisor from the University of Alberta came to visit for a week or so, we headed on out to the ice to look for seals.

We collected a couple of Harbour Seals but what really interested us was a Bearded Seal. We got one of those too and spent the next three days on a sandspit examining them all for internal parasites. That is until the wind started pushing the ice back in and threatened to cut us off from the passage back to our camp.

The Bearded Seal Is 400 Yards Away

But getting that big seal took the most remarkable shooting I had ever seen.

Seals sit on the ice right next to the opening in the ice they came out of. So there’s the seal, about 400 yards away. If we try to get closer, he’ll just slip away. If we shoot from here and don’t kill him instantly, he slips into the water and he’s gone.

Billy takes that old Lee Enfield .303; the one that had been frozen into the ice in a bear trap, with the sights I couldn’t even focus on, and hunkers down to take the shot. Remember, he’ll have only one chance and it has to be perfect.

He sighted in for probably ten minutes, getting control of his breathing and estimating the distance, wind drift and so on. He finally touched off a round and that seal never moved.

When we got over there and started the humongous task of dragging the several hundred pounds of him across the ice to shore, we saw that Billy’s bullet had hit the spine just at the base of the neck. That’s the only shot placement that would have done the job.

More Later

I’ll never forget that day and that shot. And I got a really good demonstration of why he was such a deadly marksman later on in the summer. More on that later.


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