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MLM Objections Are Not What They Seem

Why Dealing With Apparent MLM Objections Is Nonsense

How many times have you had to deal with mlm objections from prospects who said they were absolutely fired up about firing the boss and launching their own company? If you’ve been around for a while the answer will be “lots”.

But when you get right down to signing on the dotted line most of them suddenly have one reason after another they can’t get started today.

So you patiently and confidently haul out your well rehearsed scripts and deal with their questions…..

Questions because after all, objections are really misnamed. They are really only questions and once you give ’em the logical answers you will be good to go. Right?


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Been there done that. Reminds me of my conservation biology days, negotiating water levels on private lands surrounding a wetland complex. Even though the land  under normal water levels theoretically belonged to the public, if a landowner could drain the wetland, he could legally use and take ownership of the land so exposed.

So in my negotiations, the folks around the water body would come up with an “objection” or reason the water level I proposed, or even the simple protection of the wetland would be a bad idea. After I had patiently showed them how the issue they raised could be dealt with or eliminated, they suddenly came up with another.

And around and around we went. Never did get some of those projects done.

It’s the same with enrolling people in your mlm business. And most of the tips, tricks and courses offered that will supposedly help solve your problem are nothing but B.S.

The Real Issue With MLM Objections

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