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The Seven Day Mental Diet

Week 7 of the Master Key Experience brings everyone to the realization that awareness of the thoughts that enter our minds unbidden is a starting point to mastery. Reading this short essay and putting into practice the exercise in The 7 Day Mental Diet is a tremendous challenge. It’s true that negative thoughts and opinions flow freely into our minds. It’s also true that we must work to think nothing but positive thoughts. That’s the hard mental labour about which Haanel speaks. Click the button to grab a copy of your own and receive updates on the Master Key Experience.

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As I’ve take to doing, below are excerpts or copies of blog posts from fellow travelers on this amazing journey of self discovery. My own observations from 2015 are here and from 2016 here. But enjoy what Frank, Rip and Luisa have to say in 2017. Click on their names to visit their blogs and comment on this and other posts.

Frank writes:

Week 7 saw a demanding work schedule week, coupled with business needs, some setbacks, less sleep, and in the end even more determination to get caught up and stay on track! Mark mentioned in his video about fighting off the old triggers we find our self around. Boy was he right! I had a few restarts, but am becoming aware, and see how the new blueprint needs to take hold in a very strong way. I am putting my faith wholeheartedly on making this change meaningful and real! My heart desires to work on this all day every day, but my business, which I am selling and moving on from, is pulling me back to my immediate financial needs, and the time to accomplish what I need to do, running my plumbing business, is a formidable challenge.

I did my movie poster, and absolutely loved the exercise, and I think it really expresses my DMP, and I get a great feeling when I see it and reflect on it! This may be one of the 7 ways that resonates with me. I get a little caught up in material manifestations of success, versus spiritual growth manifestations of purpose and giving. I only worry about the balance between the two. My prayer is to have peace with that balance, and would very much love to be in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I suppose the future will always present itself with opportunities to have these challenges, and become better for them. Peace.

Rip has a new perspective on Personal Pivotal Needs

PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs.

It’s amazing how when you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change. Then…out of nowhere…something clicks… snaps… connects… and then everything changes again!

Point? I’m back reviewing my PPN’s. What has become my new focus… down the path a little further… and then more changes… I LOVE IT! My new freedom…. ooooo…. epiphany… I have always been free…. I just chose to not act that way…then! My new freedom is allowing me to figure out my new path and “What Do I Want?”

PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs:

Legacy: Opportunities to effectively share my life’s work, both in dollars and in substance.

Spiritual Growth: Increasing in knowledge and understanding of God’s word, life-long journey that occurs through reading and applying God’s word to my life.

Autonomy: Freedom from external control or influence; independent choices, self-governing.

Liberty: Immunity from debt, IRS independence, freedom of choice; to think or feel or do just as I please; personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression.

Helping Others: World goodness, contributing, making a difference in society, give utopia on earth to others.

Recognition for Creative Expression: Recognized or acknowledged for achievements, honored, remembered, cherished, endowed with greatness.

True Health: Energy for living, fit and healthy, sound mind, interactions with others, relationships, relaxation, strong immune system, healthy lifestyle.

And the ever effervescent Luisa

Luisa is as always right into the spirit of it all as she says below:

I am getting better, I had to start over a few times on my mental diet. Lol I am aware this is going to be work. I know in my heart and soul I can be what I will to be. I am a fantastic observer?Mental Diet I have been enjoying all these challenges. I have not been perfect, so I am buckling down on myself. FOCUS WAX ON WAX OFF!

May the Power be Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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