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Meditation And Seeking The Silence

Meditation Helps Access The Universal Mind

MeditationI form good habits and become their slaves. That’s a mantra I’ve adapted from Og Mandino’s classic little book The Greatest Salesman In The World. In a nutshell one of the habits I cultivate is spending at least 20 minutes every day in meditation. But it’s more than meditation; I call it Seeking The Silence.

What it says is that I take charge of my life by choosing what I do. Most of the time is I consciously choose how I respond to people, situations and things as I go about my day.

Rather than always reacting based on the beliefs and habits I’ve unconsciously developed over the years, I’m learning to notice what I’m feeling and how I’m reacting. I’m learning to actually pick up on the thoughts that flash through my mind.

This level of awareness is invaluable. Many of those fleeting thoughts are negative ones or based on opinions and influences from other people that have never been critically evaluated. It’s like replaying old movies in my mind, most of which don’t have positive overtones or outcomes.

They are the basis of my beliefs and the foundation of my habits. The only way to get rid of an unwanted habit is to replace it with a better one. The good thing is developing good habits is like developing any skill whether it be mental or physical. It just takes consistent practice over an extended period.

Make Meditation or Seeking The Silence A Habit

What’s the most valuable habit you as a business owner can cultivate? Closing your door, shutting out the external world and simply thinking. I call it seeking the silence. It’s a deep meditation.

Relaxing my body completely and clearing my mind of extraneous clutter is refreshing. It’s also the only way to communicate with your higher power whether you call that God or the Universal Mind or your Inner Power.

All highly successful people seek this inner silence frequently. It stimulates the imagination and leads to insight. It is here that ideas are generated, problems solved and advances made on all fronts of human endeavour.

Make a habit of hitting your favourite chair, relaxing completely, clearing your mind of all thoughts and then listening for what comes.

Listen For The Quiet Whispering of Your Heart

The solution to a problem you’ve been working on may quietly present itself, or the next step in the process of achieving the objective you are working toward may become clear.

But you have to listen carefully. Inspiration may come quietly and with little fanfare. Grab it and act upon it. Recognition of these often subtle signals is a skill and like any skill, improves with exercise and practice.

So do this everyday in the same place, same chair if possible, for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Occasionally seek the silence for an hour or two. Make this an enduring habit. Become its slave.

It can only improve your life and if you have a business, that too. Click the button below and I’ll introduce you to a business you may find worth thinking about!

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Meditation T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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