The Master Key Experience Course Enrollment Opens In September Each Year

We are now into that exciting part of the year when The Master Key Mastermind Alliance opens its doors to a new group of adventurers who will embark on The Master Key Experience Course. I want to expose as many people as possible to this superb course so I reproduce here a post from my Master Key Blog. Readers of this site will thus have a chance to enroll if they wish.

Hop on over there to read about my experience when I took the Master Key Experience Course.

What’s This Master Key Experience Course

In the video above Mark Januszewski, Worldslaziestnetworker and now Best Selling Author of Standing Tall – Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly, gives you a glimpse of what’s in store for the lucky folks who get a scholarship to attend.

But in a nutshell it’s a 26 week course of study that aims to help participants discover the most amazing person they’ll ever meet; that wonderful guy or gal within. The course will help you discover that person, currently a virtual stranger. It will help you reveal and claim your deepest desires and lead you to the way to burst the shackles of convention and habit and express your true genius.

What is it you want more of in your life? What are things you want less of in your life? Focus your mind on the things you want and forget the things you don’t want. What you think about grows, what you forget atrophies .

Master Key Experience Course Leads to Self Directed Thinkers

What you’ll find in the Master Key Experience Course is drawn from the greatest thinkers and teachers of all time. The principles were espoused and taught by Jesus, Buddha, Haanel, Emerson, Hill and many others.

Weekly webinars and ongoing exercises bring these principles to life. Then students undertake some WORK designed to help apply the knowledge imparted. The goal is to create self directed thinkers and self reliant successful people. Mark and The Fabulous Davene, along with a crew of Certified Guides provide a hands on quality experience.

The Master Key Experience Cannot be Purchased

The course opens for enrollment in September each year and very quickly fills. Enrollment is limited because of the limitations imposed by the low participant to guide ratio. So if you want a crack at a scholarship, you MUST be on an Early Bird List to get advance notice of when Registration is available.

Click that link in the video or the button below and I’ll let you know when you can make application for a scholarship. Somebody, a stranger at this point, has already paid it forward.


Master Key Experience Course




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