Market America Review

Market America Review – Scam Or Scion

Reading Another Market America Review?

Are wondering if Market America Inc. is a good opportunity for you to make some money after reading several Market America reviews?

If this attracted you enough to read the article I’m guessing you are considering whether or not to get involved with Market America Incorporated and are doing your due diligence. Your first impression is that the programme looks good.

Then you begin to notice a lot of negative  “Market America review” results on the search engines. You start to wonder if you should you be careful? Is Market America on the up-and-up or should you avoid it? Is it a scam or an up and coming scion of the network marketing industry?

Why all The Negative Market America Reviews?

In light of the fact Market America Incorporated has had outstanding financial results, it is quite obvious that a few of these negative Market America reviews are posted by unhappy distributors who failed to earn money. It’s also clear that many of those supposed reviews are labeled in a negative fashion as a ploy or hook to pique people’s interest so they’ll click thru.

Many of these reviewers quickly change their tune and go on to acknowledge that Market America Inc. offers a program that allows many people to improve their lives and financial footing. Not only that, they include a Market America banner or link that you can click which leads you to a presentation about joining the writer’s team at Market America.

Many people obviously find the story compelling because there are more than 180,00 active “Francise Business Owners” or distributors across the world. Over one billion. dollars in retail commissions have been paid out and over two bln dollars have been earned by distributors over the last few years.

Naturally, not every distributor who has joined the company has made a reasonable profit. But pre-eminence in building any business is based entirely on the amount of effort every individual puts into growing their own business.

So you might find a few discontented distributors claiming Market America is a sting but you have got to take these reports with a grain of salt and consider the source.

Here’s My Quick Market America Review

On the Market America Incorporated web site you will find that out the company was set up back in 1992 by JR Ridinger and his better half Loren. The company is a retailer of consumable beauty products and health supplements. The bulk of their marketing is done online, and also by using a network of marketing distributors.

Market America ReviewTheir warehouse is found in Greensboro North Carolina, and they have shipped over $3 Billion worth of products from their up to the minute facility, which employs approximately 5 hundred folks internationally. They have operations in Australia, the Far East and Canada.

Like most network marketing opportunities, Market America has a minimum purchase requirement in order for distributors to qualify for commissions. You’ve got to purchase 2 hundred business volume (BV) worth of product so as to receive your full share of commissions.

Business volume is simply explained like this: for every wholesale $1 you spend you create BV equal to around 80% of that dollar. In addition you will earn a percentage of the cost on all the products you sell, and also a bonus commission for BV that you and your team have accumulated.

The pay plan is a simple binary system where you recruit 2 people, and they in turn recruit two others and on down the line. Once you have a balance on each side of your team, and certain volume requirements are reached, then you earn commissions.

It appears to me that Market America Incorporated really is a valid company with great products, worldwide distribution and a fair compensation plan. The volume of sales, number of distributors and volume of commissions paid out make that pretty obvious. Consequently I think you can disregard most of the negative Market America review material.

But that does not mean the business is right for you and your folks. There are many other things to take into account before starting any business.

What It Takes To Build A Market America Business

Despite what you could have read from your potential sponsor or upline leader, building a profitable network marketing business requires presenting your products and opportunity to more than family, friends and colleagues at work.

You have to do that with big numbers of new folks on a regular basis over an extended period of time. The products will not sell themselves. They’ve got to be presented to possible purchasers. And nobody will be interested in joining you in your business unless you expose them to it.

You definitely need a plan to advertise, market and promote your new business.

Do you have any sales and marketing experience? Do you know how to effectively market the company-replicated site? How will you drive future customer and prospects to your website? The answers to these key questions will be vital to your success.

The bottom line is, it won’t be what you read about in any Market America review that will lead you to a profitable business. It will be what you are able and willing to do, and how much effort and expertise you bring to bear on your new Market America business.

You will need training, tools and a marketing system that will teach you how to generate leads and then convert those leads to paying customers and members of your Market America team.

You don’t need another Market America review. Just follow the leaders.

Terrence Neraasen
Online Marketing Professional Skype: Viking278

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