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Make Your Network Marketing Advertising Profitable

An Approach To Network Marketing Advertising

If you have been told you can market your business without spending money on some form of advertising you need to look for another adviser. Even though it is true you can use free advertising, there are very few ways to effectively promote a business without some paid advertising.

Advertising should be considered an investment that pays big dividends if carefully planned and executed. A word of caution is necessary however; you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. Network marketing advertising is really no different in this regard than advertising for a conventional business.

Network marketing advertising is essential to success. The good thing is that the internet offers many places and strategies for advertising your network marketing business. However, there are millions of websites and billions of advertisements for products online so the competition is fierce.

Unless you have a one of a kind product or business, the sheer volume of competing advertisements from marketers with a lot more money than you have will make it difficult for you to reach your consumer base. What you need is a set of tools and resources to tip the odds in your favour. Then follow up with action as follows.

A Network Marketing Advertising Strategy

Set a monthly budget for your advertising that is both practical and within your ability to fund your network marketing advertising efforts. Once you begin to get a positive return on your advertising dollars you can increase the initial budget. You need to make sure the advertising methods you use are effective before committing more money.

If you are new to network marketing and have a small budget, you can supplement paid advertising with free methods. There are numerous ways of doing that but be aware that they take a lot of time and consistent action to produce results. Some free methods are effective but many are not. Try several and continue to use the ones that get results and drop those that return little or no returns.

Regardless of what advertising methods and vehicles you use, your objective is to generate leads and to ultimately make sales. Because people generally buy from people, not companies, it is important that your advertising attracts potential customers to YOU as an individual. In other words, it is important that the network marketing advertising approach you take informs your audience about you as much as it does about your product or business.

Free Network Marketing Advertising Methods

Blogging, commenting on appropriate forums and on social networking sites are fantastic free strategies for establishing your brand, and letting prospective customers get to know you and what you stand for. In the process you are able to get exposure for your business, and to generate leads. Using these methods takes time and must be done everyday over many months and even years to get the results you seek.

Network Marketing AdvertisingYou need to approach social media sites like Twitter and Facebook in the right way. Jumping on those sites and frequently posting links to your site without offering something of value to other users will soon get you ignored or banned outright. Your first strategy on those and similar sites is to find people with common interests and to start conversations with them.

Establish a relationship with people who respond to your posts and to your comments on their posts. Find out what interests them and provide thoughtful comments or point them to information or products that are related to their interests. Eventually some will want to learn more about you and you will have an opportunity to expose them to your opportunity.

You can also try Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. These are free methods that permit you to advertise your network marketing opportunity in exchange for viewing the adverts of other members. They are very time consuming but may yield a few leads. Leads so generated rarely result in sales or signups to you business.

Paid Network Marketing Advertising

Direct mail programs have traditionally been a mainstay of local bricks and mortar businesses and have been a very effective marketing approach. It is a powerful list-building method. A properly targeted mail-out can reach an audience that has a high probability of being interested in your business.

Leads generated through direct mail are already interested in you or your products and they have had to take some action to respond to your advertisement. Because they already have an interest it is easier for you to build a relationship with them once they are on your list. You have some common ground.

The draw back to direct mail campaigns is that they require a significant outlay of cash and must be sustained over a series of mailings so the total cost can be very high. If your income per sale or signup is large (several $hundred to a $thousand for instance), a well targeted and designed direct mail campaign can be very profitable.

The fact is the revenue generated by a network marketing product sale or signup is generally less than $100. Real income from network marketing comes from small commissions on downline sales, so direct mail campaigns are probably not what you want to start with. Once you are well established and in profit, this strategy may be worth pursuing.

There are also numerous paid advertising methods for online use. Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per View (PPV) on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube for instance, can be effective as well. Google Adwords is very effective but is not for the faint of heart or small budget.  You definitely need to know exactly what you are doing because you can spend a lot of money with little return if you don’t.

You can purchase network marketing leads or Solo Ads from various vendors online as well. These can be effective at building a list but the drawbacks are that they can be costly and leads are not very responsive. Like other paid methods you have to persist and could end up spending a lot of money with little or no profit.

The Bottom Line for Network Marketing Advertising

You need a network marketing system that takes the guesswork and trial and error out of your marketing strategy. Before you launch your network marketing advertising campaign, get the tools and training you need to make the time and dollars you spend provide a maximum return on investment.

There is a lot of psychology in selling and if you are in network marketing, you are in sales! It’s also a fact people love to buy but they don’t like to be sold- they don’t like pitchy, salesy approaches. So you might want to learn a whole lot about how to advertise and how to make sales without pitching or overtly selling to your prospects.

How do you get that kind of information? Check out the Marketing Resources available on my site.

There are “systems” that offer network marketing advertising and lead generation, and are supposedly effective system for both novice and and experienced network marketing specialists. Check them out but I suggest you find a mentor, someone who can give you hands on guidance for the specific things you want. No need to get overwhelmed with a system that is designed more to sell the system than help the individual marketer.

Let me know what you need help with. Leave a comment or question. I can provide you with tools and training on any aspect of network marketing advertising or internet marketing in general. If you are fortunate enough to have a great system already but are looking for a specific marketing strategy go ahead and Click Here to get your Free 5 Day Introduction to Online Attraction Marketing and get off on the right foot.

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