Major Purpose

A Definite Major Purpose Is Magical

Now that’s an interesting thought coming out of Week 18 and the masterful presentation of the lesson. A bunch of insights come to fruition here. The thoughts we hold and from which we formulate our definite major purpose is really our own personal Aladdin’s Lamp.

How is it that I and you and everyone around us can be the Greatest Salesman in the World all at the same time? Simply by developing the faith and conviction that we can achieve whatever it is we most desire. The idea that in the process of developing our DMP and then drilling it into our minds from every possible angle, we are being both the prospect and the salesman is novel.

And the very act of selling ourselves on our dreams and our ability to achieve them in the process, is nothing short of magical. Asking the question “What am I pretending not to know?” brings into focus the fact we do know what we want and what must be done to achieve it.

Letting The Genii Out Of The Lamp

Aladdin let the Genii out of the Lamp by rubbing it in a special way. It may have seemed accidental but was in fact an effect resulting from his attention to, and concentration on, his desires. We’ve done the same. And as we ask “what would the person I intend to become do next” at every decision point or turn in the road, we are rubbing our lamp and releasing the Genii.

And what’s the Genii? I think of it as the application of the knowledge and use of the resources our diligent focus on our purpose has made available to us through the Law of Growth. The people, methods and resources required to manifest my desires, and yours too, will be made available via the connection forged with infinite Intelligence.

I know if it hasn’t happened yet, it will. I tell myself to keep reading that DMP with passion, flashing those cards, being kind and grateful, and most of all communicating with that power within.

In that regard a good thing happened this past week. I’ve had many opportunities offered in the past year. Each I evaluated to determine whether or not it was one of those “methods or resources that would be made available to me” as I forged a new ‘Blueprint’.

The question “what would the person I intend to become do next?” served as the filter that enabled me to decide if those seemingly great opportunities would move me toward my DMP. Each I rejected. All but the last one.

At the beginning of February the purpose of all I had been doing with MKMMA and Go90Grow was suddenly revealed. A network marketing opportunity that has none of the features I disliked in others, and a team with whom I resonated, just appeared. No coincidence of course; cause and effect.

Reflecting On Now Is All There Is

My focus on Week 18 from last year was more about living in the present and being sure that if this day turned out to be your last in this life, there would be no regrets. It turns out that focus is more pertinent this time around.

Reading The Scroll Marked V from The Greatest Salesman In The World this time strikes home and deep. Just a few weeks ago I said a final “bye for now” to a brother. As a result, thinking about living each day as if it is my last takes on more immediacy and power.

But it’s also emotionally draining. I find myself drifting and feel disorganized. That’s partly because I think I pushed myself too hard, doing too many things over the past several months. As I begin work on the new opportunity I recognize the need to refocus and reorganize. An expanded master mind alliance is underway.

May the Power Be Yours

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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