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The Problem of Scale In Network Marketing

We all know network marketing is a relationship business based on attraction and providing value to the people we touch.

The simple outline is that as practicing attraction marketers we come to understand the kinds of problems the folks in our target audience are hoping to solve, and we attract them to us and our opportunity by showing how we can help them.

We get to know them, give them personalized treatment, and some buy our products and join our business….

And we continue to build a relationship. We help the people we enroll build their own network and successful network marketing businesses.

But size matters in network marketing and if you are successful at building a money making business, your ability to treat different people differently gets difficult….

Because there are just too many of them…..
a good thing as far as your business and the income you make goes, but not so good for maintaining those one-on-one relationships.

network marketing attraction marketingWhen you have 500, a thousand, or maybe more in your downline there’s no way you can send them all a hand written birthday greeting or Christmas card….

So you automate the process. That’s good because maintaining that contact in some way is great, but the problem is you’re not able to personalize the message. The bigger you get, the less you are able to treat different people differently.

Fortunately, even if you have several hundred personally enrolled people in your organization, most of the members of your organization as a whole, will have been brought in by a small fraction of your personally enrolled distributors.

And that gives you the solution to the problem of scale in attraction marketing – network marketing.

You have already helped your team to build a business by providing access to tools and training. You have some tools and resources for internet network marketing or you would not have been able to build your organization so the problem of scale rears its head in the first place.

So what you do is maintain that personal and very close relationship with that group and most importantly….

Teach them to do the same with their organizations. That’s part of being a leader. Making sure as many people in your organizations as possible feel valued for who they are will go a long way to ensuring your business thrives.

Not yet at the stage where scale is a problem? Be sure to have a close look at the Free 5 Day Introduction to Online Attraction Marketing . It has helped many, and it along with some hands on mentoring, will help you breakthrough and be the success you deserve.

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