Live For Today

Live for Today for Tomorrow Never Comes

When you go about your daily life what are you thinking about most of the time? Are you dreaming of the future or fondly remembering your past? Do you live for today?

I think you should spend some time doing both. Thinking about your successes, times when you’ve been pleased, loved and just plain happy, is good for your soul.

And frequently thinking about your purpose is equally good. If your mind is not cluttered with different or competing versions of your purpose, you will put in motion the awesome powers of the subconscious mind. The result will be exactly what you think about.

Live for today seeking the silenceSeek The Silence to Live for Today

Try this little exercise. Find a quiet place where you’ll not be disturbed for 20 or 30 minutes. Sit yourself in a comfortable chair and relax your body completely; really relax physically. Let your mind wander where it wishes.

This may be difficult for some people but give it a try. Once you’ve been able to become fully relaxed physically for 20 minutes or so, try to still your mind. And this will be difficult.

As you try to keep all thoughts from running through your mind you will become aware of the sheer volume of thoughts coming into your consciousness. What is the character of those thoughts?

Are they positive remembrances of good times or excited anticipation of the future? Or are they old movies of pain and regrets? Are they thoughts of “only if” scenarios from your past?

Most People Live In the Past

For most people it’s the latter. They dwell on the past hurts rather than the joys and successes. And the most important effect of that wrong thinking is that their thoughts of the future take on a similar negative character.

So I suggest you make it a habit of spending 30 minutes to an hour each day concentrating your thoughts on the things that brought you joy and comfort in the past. Dwell on how that makes you feel.

Devote part of that quiet time, or what I call “Seeking the Silence“,  to thinking about your most cherished dreams and exactly what they look, sound, taste, smell and FEEL like.

Live in the moment for the rest of the day. Focus on what you need to do to make the present moment and the present day a successful and enjoyable one. Do not worry about past mistakes or problems. You can do nothing to change them.

Live Life In The Present Tense

Do not worry about what may come tomorrow. Most of the problems people worry about never come to pass and are not worthy of attention. Focus on what can be done in the present moment. If your attitude is uplifted and positive because you have concentrated on past success and your future goals as I suggest, your life will be good.

Live your life today in a manner that should tomorrow really not come for you, you will have no regrets.


Live for today

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