Law of Compensation and Golden Rule

Create Results Rather Than Offer Excuses

People who always keep their promises by doing what they say they will, are much admired by those with whom they interact. They are also usually characterized by the fact they talk little but do much about their plans. Such individuals let their actions, and the results achieved, attest to their integrity. They have formed the habit of keeping promises to themselves. It then becomes easy to keep promises made to others. They understand the Law of Compensation.

There are many who constantly talk about what they are going to do but who never seem to get around to it. They seem to always have plausible reasons for their lack of action. Maybe the timing was off; a required resource was not available; something more important came up just at the wrong time, and so on. All of these are merely excuses for their lack of a sense of responsibility. Such people believe their lives are directed by things and circumstances outside themselves.

But we know the circumstances we experience in the world around us are dictated by what we deeply desire coupled with a plan of action consistently and persistently executed. The person who unfailingly does what he or she promises, is one who understands this truth and acts upon it.

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Take Responsibility

The poor soul who procrastinates and offers excuses rather than results, is one who does not know this truth. He likely has no idea of what he wants and is thus like a leaf in the wind; flitting here and there as the wind directs. Taking no responsibility for the direction of his life seems the easy thing to do. In reality it leads to failure in all areas of life, which ends up being the most difficult circumstance one can encounter.

It all starts with keeping promises to yourself. Keeping promises to others is the ultimate in being of service. The more you give, the more you get. But you must give before you can receive. You may render service to people from whom you receive nothing in return. However, you will receive something of equivalent or greater value from someone. That’s the Law of Compensation.

The Law of Compensation In Operation

I know a young man who worked as a private contractor installing doors and windows. He always rendered the absolute best service to the customer, never cutting corners nor using inferior materials, even though others did so because they could make more money. It did not matter whether the job was big or small, the customer was rich or poor, grumpy or pleasant. He did the best job of which he was capable at all times.

In dealing with the suppliers, including the manufacturer of the windows and doors to whom this young man’s services were contracted, he was always honest, straight forward and pleasant. While other contractors accepted inferior workmanship in the doors and windows supplied, he would not, even though it caused delays in the jobs he was doing, and thus in getting paid. Additionally he would have to tell the customer of the delay. In doing this he never cast aspersions on the manufacturer.

After several years of contract work he made the decision to take a job with one of the window and door manufacturers, serving as their on site supervisor of installations. This involved working with contractors who would be doing the installations for the company, as well as all the various divisions in the company. He was very well suited for this job as a result of his earlier work as a contractor. But the salary was much less than he made as a contractor and the people he worked for treated him poorly.

His work load was horrendous and because they considered him to be supervisory or management staff, he was on call at all times, worked very long hours six days a week (often 7), received one week vacation/year and was rarely granted a day off when requested in order to attend to family matters. He was always concerned that if anything went wrong, whether it really had anything to do with him or not, his boss would penalize or fire him to save his own butt. Not a very good situation and very stressful.

Always Going The Extra Mile

However, this young man refused to compromise on the level of service he provided to his employer, despite how they treated him. While he probably would not have spoken about the Law of Compensation, he was living and applying it. You may ask “OK so has he done more than give? Has he seen the other side of the Law where he receives value and benefit as suggested by The Law of Compensation?” I’m happy to say indeed he has.

Just a few months ago he had occasion to go to the residence of one of the principals of the company he worked for. There he met an individual he had interacted with on numerous occasions in the past while he was a private contractor. This individual was a supplier of materials and despite the fact there were numerous instances of poor quality materials that needed to be returned to this company, the young man always treated this individual with respect and consideration.

As it turns out this man is the father of one of the owners of the company the young man worked for, and the uncle of another of the owners. He apparently thought very highly of the young man and immediately told the owners they’d better treat this fellow very well, because he’s a rare and valuable commodity.

This recommendation had an immediate impact on the attitude of the owners toward the young man. They  provided three weeks vacation rather than one, a new company vehicle and a lot more obvious respect for the contributions he was making to the company. A reputation for going the extra mile, integrity and an uncompromising dedication to providing quality service was finally paying off; the Law of Compensation coming full circle!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

But the story doesn’t end there. Other people didn’t need to be told about the capabilities, work ethic and integrity of this young man.

Over the years they had observed these qualities first hand as they worked with him on many and varied projects. When a number of these people formed a partnership to provide inside finishing services to major construction projects, they needed someone with extensive experience in the industry who could manage a series of complex projects, bring them in on time and on budget, without compromising quality and service. They knew exactly who to contact.

The result is this young fellow now has the opportunity to earn a great salary and work at a challenging job in partnership with a team that really appreciates him. The future with this new venture offers unlimited potential as the number of contracts for their venture grows exponentially.

His former employer realized too late that top quality talent thrives on recognition and acknowledgment of contributions along with the satisfaction of a job well done. Hopefully they also learned that loyalty begets loyalty. Give more, get more and do unto others as you would have them do unto you, seem to have been missing from their operating principles. The Law of Compensation works in exact proportion to the nature of the service rendered or, as the case may be, withheld. Reap what you sow.

May the Law of Compensation Lend You Power,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen

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