Internet marketing Tips How To FInd Relevant Keywords

Keyword Research How To Find Relevant Keywords

 Keywords Must Be Related To Content On Your Website

A few days ago I talked about markets and niches and the importance of doing some due diligence around keyword selection. If you are an experienced marketer you  already know this stuff because this is really just a primer for the novice. But just knowing is only half the battle- you have to apply that knowledge to be effective.

What you as a marketer should be doing is selecting a niche within a market and then producing or finding a product or service that people in that market segment want. If you are trying to market an existing product or opportunity because you have started a network marketing business for instance, it’s doubly important you get this right.

Then you have to figure out where those people (your target prospects) live on the internet- where they hangout, and what terms or phrases they use when they go about searching for the solution to a problem that your product can solve for them.

That’s the keyword research you need to do. Remember that if you expect to make money your keywords have to be relevant to the content on your website. And they should attract lots of traffic.

For you to benefit from that traffic you need to be on page 1 of Google so the keywords you select cannot be so competitive that you never get there. They have to be commercially viable- you have to be able to make money when you get traffic and leads.

So let’s talk about how to find relevant keywords.

The simplest thing you can do is type something related to your product or service into Google and get some seed keywords to start your analysis. As an example I use weight loss in the demo video below, but you’d start with something related to your own business.  I might use something related to internet network marketing for my personal research.

Then you can plug those into Google Keyword Planner and harvest a ton of phrases related to your initial search. Select some of those and plug them into the search bar and analyze the websites on page one of the results.

Having a free Google Adwords Account will make this process much easier and save you from having to constantly enter Captcha codes as you conduct your research. It looks to me like you might need an account to use the tool these days, but follow the video and see for yourself.

You can spend a lot of time doing that and you’ll come up with a few that are clearly relevant and could be used in your marketing to attract some of that traffic and increase your ranking.

Just do it over and over… but that takes a lot of time. You can be much more efficient using a tool like Market Samurai. The software accesses your Google Adwords Account and the Keyword Planner and automates the process of finding keywords.

Invest in Some Tools to Make Your Market Research More Efficient and Effective

If you have a copy of Market Samurai or something similar you can get a lot done quickly and select really relevant keywords. Plug in your seed keyword, click on Keyword Research and Market Samurai delivers over 800 keywords within seconds. Then you can go about weeding out the ones that really don’t apply to your product or opportunity.

Your goal is to select only those phrases or words that are related to the content on your website or in other marketing material  you have place on the web. You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Manually by just deleting keywords you know are not relevant
  • Plugging in negative terms so the software automatically eliminates any key phrases that include those terms
  • Putting in positive key phrases or words so only keywords containing those are retained
  • Specifying the number of words a key phrase must contain
  • Add keywords manually

That will give you a set of keywords that you can now analyze and refine further by looking at the volume of traffic and its quality, the competition you’ll face and the value of the keywords to you in making money with whatever you are marketing.

We’ll talk next about finding high traffic keywords. You’ll see that not all traffic is equal. Total searches is one thing, getting traffic to your website or offer is another.

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