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Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative business. However, there are some rules you need observe or you may make no money or you’ll lose your shirt.

There are two basic approaches favoured by people who launch an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy 1

The first is what I call the “shoot from the hip” approach. It appears simple and easy with high income potential. There are many products and programs to choose from and many aspiring affiliate marketers jump right in. It goes something like this:

  • Go find yourself an affiliate marketing program that features a product that is in demand and has an apparently good return on investment.
  • Join the affiliate program.
  • Set up an advertising program and run some ads to drive traffic to the publisher’s sales page.
  • If sales are not what you expect, change the landing page. This is only possible if you have your own website and can drive traffic to your own site first.
  • Change the affiliate program if the above is not an option or does not work
  • Run a new ad campaign to the new affiliate program.

This sort of trial and error approach can be frustrating and costly. Any kind of business venture that is not based on a market analysis and a well thought out plan will always be thus.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2

affiliate marketing incomeA better approach would be to take the time to define the type of people you would like to spend your time with as customers. Identify as much about them as you can.

Include details like age, gender, education, job or business, interests and especially things that cause them some type of pain, trouble or worry.

In other words, define a very targeted, specific audience that you want to work with. Then select an area or issue that is a problem for your audience that is also of interest to you. This will be the focus of your affiliate marketing business. You will want to help them solve this problem.

Once you’ve defined your audience and what issue you want to help them with, do a detailed search for affiliate products that will solve the problem. Find as many as you can and evaluate them. See how well they serve your customers needs as well as how well they serve your need to make money.

In this process you will be able to evaluate the competition. You’ll be able to assess the alternatives your audience has to solve their problem. You will be able to pick the best product from a range of choices and enhance your chances of selling the most relevant and effective solution to them.

Once you’ve got that done, join the program of choice. Only then launch your advertising campaign. You don’t spend a dime until you have a winner selected. Doing this kind of detailed analysis of both your target market and the products that will solve the most pressing problems they have allows you to:

  • Target your traffic
  • Write ads that attract qualified traffic
  • Build effective landing pages (ones that convert)
  • Follow up effectively with people that get on your list so you can increase number of sales
  • Stretch your advertising dollars
  • And more

This is more effective because you know what your audience is looking for, where they will be looking and the language or words that will attract their attention. Any adjustments you make to your ads, landing pages or follow up messages will be based on an understanding of your clientele. They won’t be hit and miss or all or nothing like those in the first scenario.

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