Success In Network Marketing

Is Success In Network Marketing Really Possible

Success In Network Marketing Is Not A Game Of Chance

Luck has nothing to do with success in network marketing.There are numerous factors that determine whether you become a successful network marketer, and one of them is plain old hard work. Another is how vigorously and enthusiastically you approach the job.

What many people fail to understand is that running a network marketing business is as much a job as the one you do for someone else. The difference is that it’s Your business and You stand to reap the profits, nobody else.

So you cannot treat the business like a hobby. To be successful you must fully commit yourself to your business and work systematically towards your goals. But do you even understand what your targets are?

Establishing Goals Is The First Step To Network Marketing Success

The vast majority of people go from day to day never knowing what their ultimate goal is. They are not clear on what they want to do in life and without a target to aim at their lives are hit and miss. They wander aimlessly and are happy to fit in with any crowd they happen to be in at any given time.

Let me illustrate the importance of knowing what you want to achieve in life, of having clearly defined goals.

Recently a survey was conducted with a group of college students. They were simply asked to write down their goals in life, what they wanted to be, do and have. The results were very interesting.

Success In Network marketingSome of those kids had absolutely no clue, hadn’t ever thought about it. A large number said they had goals for their lives but they were vague and non-specific. Only a very small number, about three percent of them, had definite ideas about what they wanted to do and an idea about how they were going to achieve their goals.

Ten years later these same students were contacted as a follow up to the original survey in order to assess their level of achievement. What was striking about the results of the second survey was that those kids who were definite about their goals 10 years before, had become far more successful and accumulated more wealth than those who had no definite goals.

The point is that defining goals for a network marketing business is absolutely essential to success. Getting a handle on what you want from your business before you begin the work is of utmost importance. Without that you’ll wander about like the 97% of students in that survey.

So write your targets down now. The fact is it’s never too late to start a network marketing business, but you have to start properly with a clear set of goals and a very good understanding of why you are doing it.

Network marketing does not discriminate on the basis of age. Some very successful and now very wealthy network marketers started their careers after they were 65 and within two or three years were very successful. Along with that success came a very healthy “retirement income”.

Plan Your Success In Network marketing

Develop a well thought out plan to achieve your long term goals (your “why”) and then yearly, monthly and daily goals. Write down your goals and print them out, then put them in places you can’t help but notice as you go about your daily routine.

Now get organized. Decide what proportion of your time every week you can dedicate to your network marketing business. Don’t write out a plan that will take 6-8 hours a day to complete if you don’t have that amount of time. You may very well have a steady job when you first start your business so it is really important that you make the best use of the time you have available to dedicate to the business. Just be realistic about it.

If you are well organized and dedicated to being successful you will come home from your job and work on your business, rather than watch Monday night football. That does not mean you have to become a recluse and abandon your social life but you do have to allocate a certain number of hours to working on your business.

If you keep your goals always at the forefront and work your network marketing business consistently, even if it’s only two hours each night, you will establish a habit of doing so, and your business will grow.

The Key To Network Marketing Success is A Lead Generation System

Network marketing is not rocket science but you do need a good system to follow; a series of actions that move you steadily toward your goals. Finding a system that works for you and will work for people in the organization you are trying to build as a network marketer can be a bit difficult.


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There are plenty of marketing systems for sale online but most are not very useful. Many are written by people who have never built a network marketing business themselves. They may pass themselves off as network marketing Gurus, but in fact they make their money by selling useless courses to novice network marketers who don’t know any better. So beware.

Follow the Network Marketing Success Leaders

The best people to follow and learn from are those who have made their living in network marketing and became very wealthy in the process. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- follow the leaders.

Without leads any business will fail so your network marketing system must focus on generating leads and converting those leads into customers and signups for your business. Ideally you should adopt and master an attraction marketing system.

You brand yourself and attract leads to you, not your company or products. Some of those leads will join your network marketing business and it will grow as a result.

But if you practice attraction marketing properly, you will not only grow a downline, you’ll attract a following to whom you can market other products and services. In short you’ll be building a real business that can sustain you even if the network marketing company you are part of disappears.

If you follow the right system you will create as many leads as you need, and generate a substantial income in the process by signing up folks day in and day out.

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