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Thanks for visiting my website. I’m sure if you are struggling to build a home based network marketing business and are looking for ways to leverage the internet you’ll find much of interest here.

My main focus on this website is home based business and internet marketing training with no focus on any specific business. Everything I talk about here is aimed at providing training and tools that will help you be successful in whatever business you happen to be attempting to build.

What I cover and teach here applies to affiliate marketing, network marketing or multilevel marketing as well as retail sales and bricks and  mortar businesses. To grow any business you need tools, training and coaching that will allow you to generate leads and convert those leads to customers and members of your organization if you are involved with a network marketing business.

Why I Chose To Use Internet Marketing

The Problem With Network Marketing

After a few years of thrashing around trying to build a network marketing business following the standard training provided by the company and my upline, I wasn’t getting anywhere.

The traditional approach consisted of calling everyone you know and a whole bunch you don’t know, in order to recruit them into your downline. Send them to a recorded call or presentation, give them a CD, take them to a meeting, send them to your replicated website and so on. If you are a network marketer you know what I’m talking about.

Well that didn’t work for me. And it does not work for the majority of people who start a network marketing business.

So why is a network marketing business so attractive?

Easy and Inexpensive to Start

Getting started with an MLM opportunity does not cost a great deal compared to many other businesses. You can start with less than $100 enrollment fee. That’s one of the biggest benefits of multilevel marketing businesses and is what attracts the majority of people in the first place.

Potential For Significant Residual Income

The thing that gets most people involved in building a network marketing business is the fact you can earn a lot of money without a large capital expenditure up front. And that income can be passive. Once you reach critical mass the income flows with minimal expenditure of time. Leveraging the efforts of a large downline allows people to make great incomes and help lots of other people do the same.

And those are great reasons to start a network marketing business.  But you just have to understand what you are getting into and what it takes to be successful. And you need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary. Far too many people believe the story that it’s easy and that all you have to do is “get two or three who get two or three” and so on down the line.

And that DOES work for some people.

Why Do Most People Fail at Network Marketing?

There’s a number of reasons for that, but two of the major ones are that most people you know are not interested, and the only thing you have to offer them as an incentive to join you in the business, is an opportunity to buy a starter package of some kind, get on a monthly autoship so they can earn commissions, and then get out there and recruit people who will make sales so commissions are actually there to be paid.

Now that’s a mouthful! Think about it. The beginning network marketer starts by buying a package and then we ask them  to take on a monthly commitment in the form of an autoship order so they can qualify for commissions. So before they even get to learning how to do the business they are in debt.

However, the bottom line is that unless you recruit people into the business within the first three months, and those people get out and do the same, you won’t earn enough to offset the monthly autoship costs. So not only are you not into profit, you are actually going deeper into the red every month.

So is it any wonder that most people who start a network marketing business quit within a few months? I speak from experience. I’ve been there and done that.

So I looked for a better way to build a business and moved to the internet. And I discovered very quickly that new tools and training were needed to recruit the right people; people who shared my values and who want what I do.

Most MLM Companies Are Not Geared For Using The Internet

Most network marketing companies are not set up to market online. The replicated websites provided are not geared for internet network marketing so are not very useful for generating leads online. Marketing is tightly controlled by the company so marketing material and advertising generally has to be preapproved before use, making it difficult for the individual distributor to mount a consistent campaign. And training and systems to market on the internet are virtually non-existent with a few exceptions.

Furthermore, when people do visit a replicated site and leave their information, the lead is not the property of the distributor even though any product sales or signups are credited to him or her. This is a major drawback for two reasons.

The first is that communication between the distributor and the leads generated is poor to non-existent. Secondly, the lead belongs to the company and stays there even if the distributor and the company part ways.

It’s an absolute truth that “the money is in the list”. Unless you build a list of prospects that you own, you are not building a business even if you do build a downline. To me that was a major drawback to the traditional multilevel business approach.

So I spent time and many $thousands getting what I thought was internet marketing training. I figured that if I could learn how to sell  online, I could then build a lucrative network marketing business using the power and reach of the internet. No more talking to friends and family, doing hotel meetings and all that jazz.

Without A Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation System My Business was Dead In the Water

I had a very nice website built and poured by heart and soul into creating an ebook product I liked and thought lots of other people would pay money for. I had one on one coaching during this process and was very pleased with the website I had created and with the book I wrote.

And then nothing happened.

I soon discovered that a nice website with great content is absolutely useless without the tools and training to get it ranked on the search engines. People need to be able to find it. It does not automatically and magically attract attention. I had no idea how to market the website or the ebook.

And much later I realized that another, even more important ingredient to launching a money making product online was completely missing.  Something that no amount of training nor the very best marketing strategies and tools money could buy would NEVER replace.

That  something was the realization that FIRST discovering what people were looking for to solve a problem they had , and THEN creating or finding a product that  provided a solution is critical to success.

I got it all backwards. I created something I liked because I knew a lot about the subject and liked writing and creating websites. My intention was to now find an audience or market. That was completely the opposite of what I should have done. And to top it all off, I didn’t have a clue how to find and then market to my hoped for clients.

There Is No Magic Bullet or There are No Shortcuts to Success Online

I was convinced internet network marketing was the way to make money online. I tried my hand at various affiliate marketing ventures and fell for  some systems that were supposed to be sure fire shortcuts  to success. You know the ones that entice you with the mantra “we have a surefire system, all you have to do is sign on and follow this process and you will make money”.

I was looking for the magic bullet like so many other aspiring internet marketers. And there are plenty of characters out there who will find you and take your money and then just disappear. I jumped on a few of those because I didn’t know any better. But I came to the conclusion there are no shortcuts and that I’d better stop looking for one. Because that approach was not getting me anywhere near where I wanted to be.

I was no further ahead in my quest to find a way to build a network marketing business, or any business for that matter, than when I started. But I did learn a great lesson. Failure is a wonderful instructor. I learned what not to do and that set me on a quest to discover exactly what I needed to know and do to be a successful internet marketer.

Key Ingredients For A Successful Internet Network Marketing  Business

My experience to that point with network marketing and attempting to sell a product I had created solidified in my mind the kinds of things I needed to get it right. I realized I had to look for a system with a number of important characteristics that would remedy the problems I had encountered. Those problems are ones I believe anyone trying to build a successful business, network marketing or otherwise, has to deal  with.

Here are the key things I began to look for.

  • A SYSTEM that could provide tools and training on internet marketing methods I could use to attract people to me and any business  opportunity or product I wished to promote
  • A system or approach that was more EFFECTIVE at attracting prospects than the replicated websites network marketing companies provide to their distributors. Those are usually pretty good at informing people who are already interested. They are very poor vehicles to use to find and attract people in the first place.
  • A system that did NOT promise I had to do nothing other than sign up and the system would work on autopilot and make me money.
  • A way to provide something of VALUE as an incentive for people to give me their name and email address, without having to create products that would serve that purpose. Many companies have product samples that distributors can offer to get people to opt in and become leads, but this is of limited value to the lead and to the distributor. But I was looking for something tangible I could give away in exchange for a prospect’s contact information.
  • A way to build a LIST of prospects that was my own.
  • A way to avoid having to lead with the business opportunity as the ONLY way to ATTRACT prospects. I was also marketing a high end affiliate product (a private travel club membership) and I wanted a front end product or two that would get people onto my list before I exposed them to the product itself. Those products had to be something any network marketer, affiliate marketer or internet marketer in general, was looking for and would find helpful in attaining THEIR goals.

I looked long and hard for these things and found some parts in one place, some in others and started to accumulate a package of internet marketing tools and training courses. But I was not able to find a system that incorporated all of them as an integrated package.

But as it happens, one of the people who was successfully marketing the same travel club membership affiliate product I was, told me about  the marketing system she said was instrumental in her success with that product as well as with her network marketing business.

I Discovered Attraction Marketing

I didn’t know it at first, but what I was trying to find was an attraction marketing system. To make a long story short, I explored that system and discovered it had all the characteristics I was looking for and a whole lot more. And I have since discovered other “Systems” that had those characteristics plus a few more such as:

  • Allowing people to EARN some income quickly while they are building the critical mass of signups necessary to make money with their network marketing business.
  • Letting people make money whether the leads they generate join their network marketing business or not.
  • Having profit centers that make it a very lucrative affiliate business that supports building any network marketing business but is independent of them, and
  • Providing ongoing training and webinars hosted by top earners in the Industry as well as Private Facebook Groups where help, ideas and coop ventures are available to anyone who needs assistance or is looking for people to work with.

I realized that the things I had been looking for really did exist in what’s called Attraction Marketing. It could be called Solution Based Marketing because it’s a kind of marketing in which you establish yourself as an expert  in a niche where you know the problems potential customers have and are looking to solve.

You then attract them to you rather than chasing after them in the traditional MLM model. You discover their pain and locate a product that kills the pain. You provide value. And your marketing is aimed at getting your solution in front of them. They are then drawn to you. That’s attraction marketing in a nutshell.

 Some Tools and Training Courses

Just above in the menu you’ll find links to Marketing Products and Courses that you can explore. Each one of those gives you instant access to some quality free training. Using that training you can start generating leads right away if you are already familiar with the the tools you need to apply what you learn.

If not each also gives you access to a step by step “how to” training course that will teach you what to do and how to do it to start generating leads and making sales. Be sure to take advantage of any of those by opting into the websites that interest you.

My advice is to start with a free 5 Day Introduction to Online Attraction Marketing that will introduce you to the world of attraction marketing and illustrate why you need some training.

What Else Will You Find Here

You’ll find blog posts dealing with a variety of topics in the areas of network marketing, multilevel marketing {mlm), affiliate marketing and content marketing. Marketing strategies covered run the gamut from Youtube, Facebook, blogging and articles, search engine optimization (SEO), and so on.

Head on over to Meet Terry Neraasen and drop me a line or just leave a comment or question on any of the blog posts you read. I’d like nothing better than to help you in any way I can.

So I invite you to explore the site and start building YOUR business with all the tools and mentoring you need to be a success and finally Make Some Money! Just enter your information below and I’ll send you directly to some free training.

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