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Must Have Internet Marketing Tools and Resources

Blogging Training and System

One of the very best ways to establish your brand and to communicate with your audience is Content Marketing. Using a self hosted WordPress blog is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to put quality content out there to serve your existing audience and to attract new viewers. To that end I have placed a number of tools and resources on this page to assist with that. You don’t have to start from scratch and learn it all by yourself like I did. It takes too much time and wastes resources and effort. So get a good Blogging Course and go from there.


An autoresponder service is fundamental to building your list and staying in touch with the people who are sign up for your newsletter or who leave their contact information in one of your capture pages.

Without a list of potential customers and/or business partners your business is dead. The job is only partly done when you have attracted a potential customer and they have trusted you with their contact information.

The next step is to let them get to know you and to establish a connection, or rapport with them. And of course you will want to educate and inform them as to what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

With a few people on your list you can address each individually, but once you get beyond half a dozen or so that job can be tedious and time consuming. For that you need automated delivery while still appealing to the reasons they were attracted to you in the first place.

For that you need an Autoresponder Service. To the right are my favorite autoresponder service providers. Check them out and give them a test drive.

The first is Aweber which I have been using for years and find it very easy to use. Support is very good and timely whenever you have a question or a problem. There are tons of templates for your emails and for newsletters. Linking from your blog posts via your RSS Feed makes keeping your people up to date with what you are doing a breeze. Give Aweber a test drive.

Getresponse is an equally great service. Have a look at the video to the right for a run down on the way Getresponse works and the variety of templates, training and campaigns you can run using the service.  Test Drive Getresponse to see for your self.

Which of the two you choose will be pretty much a matter of preference since they perform in much the same ways. Both integrate with Social Media and your RSS Feeds, provide landing page design, beautiful templates for both emails and newsletters as well as great training and support. Pricing is similar as well.

Visit the videos and click on the links to the right to get a look at either or both.

Blogging Course

Blogging Academy

Autoresponder Services


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications



Autoresponder Service GetResponse

WordPress Installation

One of the easiest ways to get a website branded to you up and running is putting up a blog. I recommend you take the extra step and obtain a Domain from one of the Domain Name providers and install  WordPress from  Most hosting companies have easy to use automatic installers for WordPress but you can find a Fiverr gig and have someone do that for you for a few bucks if you prefer. You can use one of the free Themes that comes with the installation.

There are two themes I recommend for people who are serious marketers. The first and most flexible is the collection from Thrive Themes. There you’ll find a series of individual themes, all optimized for specific looks and feels, but most importantly, for conversions.

Thrive Themes also provides three awesome plugins (Content Builder,  Landing Pages and Thrive Leads) that can be used with any theme you choose, including the Thrive Themes themselves. The entire system is beautifully designed and focused on helping you deliver quality content with a consistent look and feel and optimized for conversion of your visitors to paying customers. Thrive Themes and the Plugins provide unparalleled versatility and customization. There really is nothing quite like it available.

You can use the plugins, get the full set of Themes, or purchase individual themes. There’s even flexibility and customization in the choices you can make.

Check them out by following the links to the right.

The second Theme I recommend for use as a marketing platform is OptimizePress. It’s probably the closest thing to the quality and versatility of Thrive Themes. It comes as a full stand alone theme or as a plugin, so even if you already have a  WordPress theme that you like and are familiar with, you can use the OptimizePress marketing modules that most other themes can’t provide. The best of both worlds so to speak.

There are many templates to choose from ranging from landing pages to membership pages and most things in between. You can customize many of the elements on the pages you create, integrate with Social Media and a variety of Autoresponder services and so on.

Have a look at Optimize Press and see for yourself.

Marketing Tools

Backlinking Software

Off page SEO or Optimization is a process whereby you use various techniques to get your website, video or article noticed and eventually ranked by the search engines. Google of course is the major search engine you want your content on the first page of, and hopefully in the number one spot on page one. One of the techniques is to get your content onto as many external, high ranking sites as possible. This creates a link to your content on say, a number of blogs, social media sites, article directories etc. These are called backlinks and having a lot of them tells the search engines that your content is good, relevant and getting lots of votes from other site. In other words it’s popular.

Getting a lot of links from high rank sites and authority sites can be a time consuming and daunting task. But the one software product I use for this process is Easy Back Links. Check it out. It’s exceptionally easy to use and very versatile. I’d be glad to walk you through a session to show you how it works.

Easy Back Links

Easy Back Links

Backlink Indexing Service

You work hard to get you content linked to other sites but it the link is not crawled by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines your link won’t get indexed and your website will not show up in the search engine results even if it’s the best, most relevant content related to what people are searching for. To get around that you can use automated indexing services and the one I have used effectively is Indexification. If you have a lot of backlinks to get indexed, say if you are using Magic Submitter and running a lot of campaigns, Indexification is inexpensive and allows a minimum of 1.5 Million links per month. That’s 50,000/day.


Spinner Software

Spin Rewriter will take the Headaches and Busy Work out of your Content Marketing and Google Ranking Tasks.

  • Create millions of Unique, READABLE copies of an original article with a few easy clicks of you mouse.
  • Never worry about the Google Slap” for duplicate content again. Integrates seamlessly with Copyscape to ensure every submission you make passes all the tests with flying colours.
  • Submit your spun content to thousands of article directories, blogs, Web 2.0 sites, Bookmarking sites and more and generate backlinks upon backlinks so you’ll get to page 1 on Google fast.
  • Also integrates with other marketing software like Social Monkee to further automate your submissions to 100’s of Social Media sites!
  • And you’ll have the option of taking advantage of Full Service Option to outsource writing, spinning And distribution.

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Spin Rewriter

Back Linking with SocialMonkee

Building backlinks to your pages is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks will not only help your pages get found by and indexed in the search engines faster, but they will also influence rankings, so your pages are ranked higher and your site receives more traffic.

Our system has proven to be an effective link building solution, and today I want to offer you the opportunity to join SocialMonkee and be able to build 25 Unique, DoFollow Backlinks to your pages every day, for a low one-time investment of $7.

What You Will Get With Your Lifetime Silver Membership:

  • Submit 1 URL to 25 Sites Every Day
  • For Better Search Engine Rankings & More Traffic
  • Boost Your Existing Backlinks
  • Get Access to Link Reports & Statistics
  • Submit URLs in a Snap With Our Firefox Plugin
  • All Sites on Unique C-Class IP Addresses
  • Earn 40% Commissions on Silver & Premium Referrals

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