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Internet Marketing Tips for the Day

This is one of the neatest internet marketing tips I have seen. Internet marketing is all about attracting attention to your content and getting noticed by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Getting that done requires good, well optimized content. And content that is of value to your target market will get you the kind of attention you ultimately want. That is leads and eventually sales.

What you need to do is make every piece of content you put out work for you. That applies whether it’s a video, a blog post or an article. You have to post with a purpose and if you are an internet marketer, that purpose is making mon.ey. That means among other things you need to decide who your target market is and do some research to determine where they can be found on the internet. Do some keyword research pertinent to the offers you want to get out there and then create content. You have to be very specific about why you are porting, who you want to attract and what you want then to do.

On Page and Off Page Optimization

You can help yourself by understanding and practicing both “on page” and “off page” optimization. If you are an experienced internet marketer you probably know how to do that. And you have tools and techniques to get ranked in the search engines. So that means if you are new to the game you have some learning to do.

If you are just getting started you may wonder what the heck on page optimization is and how is it done? For you I have some internet marketing tips that will shorten your learning curve. And best of all, these internet marketing tips have to do with a tool that’s free. There’s a lot more to optimizing your content and posting with a purpose but start somewhere. On page optimization is a good place to start after you’ve done your targeting research.

Internet Marketing Tips 1  – Install and Use SeoQuake

SeoQuake is an Extension for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) that can help you in a whole host of ways. Watch the video HERE or on this page to see what I mean and then take it from there.

Internet Marketing Tips 2 – Study the Toolbar and Learn

If you study it and research the various elements within the SeoQuake Toolbar you will come to know and understand some of the major factors that contribute to good (and poor) search engine ranking. That includes on page optimization. In other words it’s a free learning tool. Look at things like Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Keyword Density, Internal and External Links and so on. Look them up and learn about them and why they are important to a successful internet marketing campaign.

Internet marketing Tips 3 – Improve Your Site and Content

Internet Marketing Tips SeoQuakeYou can open your own website or blog and by using the Diagnostic section of SeoQuake obtain very quickly and easily an assessment of what’s good and not so good about your site or post. And best of all, you can obtain free advice about what you should do to improve your site or post. The focus is on making it more search engine friendly and more likely to be found by your target audience.

As a for instance, you want a keyword density in your posts and articles of between 2 and 4% and you want it placed strategically. The SeoQuake Diagnostics will give you an instantaneous snap shot. No need to count up the number of individual keywords in a 500 to 800 word article and do the math. If you study the various other factors in the toolbar you will also get good insights into other on page optimization factors. And you’ll also get insights into the equally important off page optimization elements.

Internet Marketing Tips 4 – Understand the Competition

You want to know how you stack up against the competition don’t you? Sure you do. Well just open the top ranked websites in you niche, or the ones ranked 1-3 in search results for the keyword you are targeting. Then run the diagnostics on them. Study them and then do what they do. To do that you will need to invest in some training material and some tools. But you will not be shooting in the dark. You will know what to look for.

Armed with you new knowledge, go to it. You will now know enough to improve your content, teach others and to move on to more advanced SEO as needed. Explore this neat free tool and then come back here and check out the first thing I would invest in if you want to start posting with a clearly defined purpose of making money as an internet marketer. That would be this Free 5 Day Introduction to Online Attraction Marketing.

All right, to your success!

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