Instant Riches Online Is A Fairy Tale

Instant Riches Online And Easy Money With MLM

Easy Money With MLMHave I told you I hate the bullshit claims of the instant riches online and easy money with mlm you see plastered all over the Web?  Yeah I’ve about had my fill of the crap online and from the marketers I keep track of.

Here’s an example of a couple of email headlines I just received.

Dude Banks $10K in 24hrs and Blames XYZ Opportunity.


Grow YOUR Biz & Become Overnight Rock Star at Events!

Each is merely a lead in to a pitch to sell a system that will not generate $10 K EVER, let alone overnight, for 99.99% of people. Nor will it or the multitude of others out there launch anyone to stardom (read that as “mucho moolah”) overnight.

I also spent an hour or so on a webinar that promised to provide 5 really good ways to build my list, among other things. Since I am always open to ideas about list building, I endure the hour or so that I know will eventually end up in a pitch for me to buy some “system” that will change my life. And I end up LMAO because 4 of the 5 so called list building strategies require that you already have a list! A GONG Show.

So when I look at the title page to an article in NetworkingTimes with “Diamond at Age 23” emblazoned over a full page picture of a very attractive, smiling young lady named Anahi Borbolla, I think “here we go again! Another instant riches online story that just feeds the false impression that MLM is your ticket to quick and easy money!”

Too Many Instant Online Riches Promises

I’ve seen too many of those. I’ve never seen one yet that really told the true story. Like the guy who goes Diamond and earns a $Million in 3 months with his new company. He just forgets to tell us he brought over a huge organization from his former company. And it took years to build that organization. Minor detail? I think not.

That stuff is misleading and creates false expectations in people looking at or new to network marketing. And that leads to frustration and disillusionment when the gullible newbies find out it’s not that easy. And that of course contributes to the 95% attrition rate in the industry.

So I was about to pass this one up. But curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look. At the very least I’d see what unique story line they had up their sleeve.

Did I ever get a surprise… and a pleasant one at that! As a result I’m hoping to get reprints of the article because it is a story worth telling; one that every aspiring networker should read. It’s not an instant road to riches story. Quite the contrary!

It turns out Anahi got her formal start in the network marketing industry at the age of 14. She needed to use her grandmother’s name and credentials to get started. But she had been immersed in network marketing all her life. Her mom was a networker and this young lady gave business presentations to her dolls and teddy bears at the age of seven. As she says “Sooner or later I was going to end up doing network marketing….. It was in my DNA.”

At First Network Marketing Was A Game

It was quite a journey. Anahi’s mom got sick and her business declined so they went through hard times and basically lost most of their possessions. About the time Anahi’s mom was ready to abandon mlm and get a job, a new opportunity came along and she dove in. Within 90 days she was well established and her son joined her in the business, soon followed by Anahi.

Anahi tells a familiar tale at first. She says she really didn’t take the business seriously. It was more like a game. Now that’s a familiar refrain. Many people who start a home business treat it like a hobby. And they get what a hobby provides. It may be fun but rather than an income, it generates additional expense.

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But Anahi was attending events, listening to audios, devouring other training material, following the lead of her mom and brother. She was relying on the help of her upline (mom and brother) to do her business. She enjoyed making some money so stuck with it.

However, when she finished school and contemplated her next step, the jobs available and the pay they provided to young people like her scared the heck out of her. She just couldn’t see much of a future working to build someone else’s dream, especially for the paltry salary most would offer.

At that point she made a decision. It was either work for someone else making little money or get serious about network marketing. She chose the latter. The result was marvelous and by the age of 17 she qualified as a Ruby , her brother went Diamond and her mom was Double Diamond.

Disaster Strikes

Join My Business OpportunityThen disaster struck. Her brother suddenly died of a virulent pneumonia at age 21. She was devastated and went through a period where she was unable to shake off depression. She abandoned her business and sank very low. After a time she decided something had to be done and eventually got involved in the restaurant business. She was doing well but got really tired of being a small business owner with all the jobs that entails (accounting, personnel, advertising and marketing, serving, cooking, cleaning, repairing). Solving problems 24/7 gets pretty tiring.

She says “After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books and teaching others about owning their own time and living their dreams, I found myself in the worst quadrant. I finally decided I have to go back to network marketing. That’s my thing.”

And she attained the rank of Diamond pretty quickly in her new company because she made a decision, already knew it would work for her and that she could make a lot of money doing it. She had done it before and was absolutely certain she could do it again.

She says her mom taught her how to do the work. Even more importantly she taught her that she could do anything she set her mind to and helped her visualize and materialize her dreams. She talks about how her mom and a key downline business partner formed a cohesive team which is key to their success. That was a classic Mastermind Alliance. Napoleon Hill always said nobody is successful without such an alliance. This is a great example of the soundness of that principle.

What Diamond Rank Gave Her

Anahi attained Diamond rank at age 23. But more importantly she describes what that gives her. Time freedom, financial freedom, freedom to pursue her passions, freedom to travel when and where she wishes are among those things. She loves what she does and meets incredible people.

She gets to give back. She takes her mom on cruises. She inspires and helps other people succeed. Seeing the positive impact she can make on other people is magical to her. She says she never imagined this and that “It’s like planting a little seed in the world“.

But Anahi also clearly points out the fact she made sacrifices and had to have tremendous discipline to achieve her goals. She says her success came as a result of being prepared by all the experiences she had as a youngster and the training and support she got from her mom, brother and other business partners.

She looks around her and at the journey she’s take to get to Diamond and realizes that the world has not changed; she has changed. And I immediately think that success is not so much what you do, as what you become. Because what you do is what you think, and what you think is what you become.

It’s All About Decision

She says it’s all about making a decision. “When you make a serious, real decision, all the pieces come together. The universe conspires to support your decision and all obstacles disappear. When you make a decision the “how” appears. You find the right people and magic happens!”

You decide, you believe, you set goals and know exactly what you want. You develop plans, know what needs to be done and you make things happen no matter what. The only thing I take issue with is her assertion that the magic ingredient is massive action.

The magic ingredient is belief coupled with faith and a burning desire to attain the goals you have set.

This 23 year old Diamond had more experience and quality network marketing training in her short life than the vast majority of marketers double or triple her age. No overnight wonder and instant riches there.

So next time you read one of those Bulls**t instant riches headlines, think about this story. It will inspire you. The folks who peddle the $10 K in 24 hours crap are insulting your intelligence and hoping you are gullible enough to fork over a few $Hundred or more for another chance at easy street.

Don’t listen to them. Hook up with someone who can show you the true way to wealth and freedom, and will be able and willing to help you along the way.

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May the Power Be Yours.

Instant Riches Online


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