Inner Faith

You Must Have Inner Faith In Your Ability To Achieve

Faith is just another word for persistence; if you didn’t have faith you wouldn’t persist

Earl Nightingale

I was listening to Earl Nightingale’s recording of “The Strangest Secret“, one of my all time favourite inspirational pieces yesterday as I drove out to set things up for my Mom’s 99th birthday tea. This time through it his comment “faith is just another word for persistence; if you didn’t have faith you wouldn’t persist.” caught my undivided attention. My interpretation is that he was talking about what I call inner faith.

I know that persistence is not merely a character trait; it is in fact a habit and a powerful one at that. Recall that this habit of persistence is the ultimate result of application of four other habits, each of which individually may seem inconsequential. But these four in combination create persistence, arguably the most powerful habit of successful people.

Why does Earl Nightingale equate persistence with inner faith? I think it’s because having a burning desire to achieve some worthy goal is not enough to manifest that desire. You have to get into action and constantly move toward that goal despite the inevitable roadblocks and discouraging influence of people around you. The only thing that will sustain you on what really is your personal Hero’s Journey is your desire and absolute confidence in your ability to achieve the object of your desire.

Without this supreme confidence or absolute faith in the power within you, it would not be possible to sustain the actions that move you toward your goal. Persistence is an act of inner faith and hence the two are synonymous. Add one more element to the combination of desire, focused action and positive mental attitude and you have true persistence- the ultimate success formula. That last ingredient is a mastermind alliance.

Inner Faith Persistence and the Mastermind

A mastermind alliance can be defined as two or more people working in perfect harmony toward the achievement of a common goal. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) flat out indicates nobody succeeds without a mastermind alliance of some kind. I think that’s true and every story, movie, fable or legend illustrates this truth. In fact, as Joseph Campbell, the ultimate authority on The Hero’s Journey indicates, these four habits are all clearly illustrated in every myth or story ever told.

Those four tiny habits culminate in persistence or supreme inner faith. Why is that important? Well life is a Hero’s Journey for all. Whether you succeed or fail in the achievement of your purpose will depend first on whether or not you have accepted the challenge to rise above mediocrity and develop a definite major purpose. Second it will depend on whether or not you can develop sufficient faith in yourself and the power within to face the challenges you will meet. And lastly, it will depend on your recognition and application of the resources that will inevitably be made available to you because of that faith.

You can see an superb example of the Hero’s Journey and the application of these habits and principles in the analysis of the movie Rudy that I reviewed in depth in Master Key Mastermind Alliance 2015-2016 Session. Go give that a read and then find the movie and watch it yourself. See the four tiny habits in action and how the whole package is so much more that the sum of the parts.


May the Power be Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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