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Congruent Imagination Power

Imagination PowerLast night as I read Haanel’s The Master Key Part Eight I was struck by its congruence with Mark J’s The Fifth Verity (Standing Tall Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly). I just happen to be reading both this week. Haanel talks at length about imagination power as a form of constructive thought. I wrote about that in detail last year at this time.

Imagination power is the instrument utilized by every inventor or discoverer to create and manifest their ideal. It is also the tool by which your future will emerge. Clearly visualize your intention and the ideal in your imagination. Hold it steadily in your mind and the persons, circumstances and resources required for its manifestation are attracted.

Imagination power can be developed like any other skill by exercise and proper nourishment. Thinking and keen analytical observation provides the raw material and process through which imagination is developed. Insight and wisdom follow. All are spiritual processes and therefore can draw upon the infinite resources of the Universal.

Applying Imagination Power

The applications suggested by both Haanel in The Master Key and Mark J in The Fifth Verity are identical. They involve visualizing either a battleship (Haanel) or the largest structure where you live (Mark J). They both then require that you take it back in your imagination through all the stages of its manifestation, to the original thought from which it came.

I visualize the pine log cottage from my DMP. I take it back through to the standing forest. Then further back to the original thought from whence it came. I’ve come full circle! What an amazing exercise that is.

Distraction or Golden Opportunity

The Fifth Verity is “Keep First Things First“. The world, especially that of online and network marketing, is full of distractions. These can be ‘shiny objects’ offering false promises of the road to riches or legitimate opportunities that could lead to success. In the past I, like many other home business owners, have diluted my efforts by following such avenues.

But now I have become the critical observer and resisted many such offerings. I also know that people, methods and resources will become available to further my intention. I have faith that I will recognize and act upon them when they appear. This is the lens through which I have examined, and rejected, numerous opportunities and tools that have come my way in the recent past.

Then in early October I am offered an opportunity to participate in a network marketing skills training program. This is something I have been thinking about but have not made a decision to undertake. The offer comes out of the blue but not out of nowhere. My Guide from MKMMA 2015, Stephen Serna, offers to me a scholarship for the Go90Grow Skills training program. And I gladly and gratefully accept this gift.

My Faith is Rewarded

I feel like this is an instance of appearance of the people and resources I need to manifest my intention. I’m grateful to Stephen for this gift. He gave it without expectation of reciprocity. I have faith that this is one of the things I need to further my intention.

I will acquire new knowledge and expertise. But I know knowledge does not apply itself. I am resolved to get to work and make the application.

May the Power be Yours,

T.G. (Terry) Neraasen


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